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27.08.2013 Press Release

Spare Sammy Awuku: Doctored Tape Not The Focus

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The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) is flustered at the way and manner the NDC government and its media assigns have intentionally put premium on a doctored tape purported to come from Mr. Samuel Awuku, the Deputy Director of Communications of the New Patriotic Party (NPP). This is a sign of bad faith on the side of government in a time where all and sundry are singing the chorus of peace. If not for violence what else could this ill motivated doctored tape serve to the well-meaning citizens of Ghana? Does NDC government want VIOLENCE in Ghana?

It is obvious that the diversionary tactics of the NDC has the sole aim of procuring a certain mindset as a prelude to possible violent acts should the verdict not go their way. AFAG is shocked and heartbroken to hear a Deputy Minister of Information; in a Meet- the Press series make issue of such a trivial matter. Especially, when all Ghanaians are geared toward a peaceful country no matter the side the verdict goes.

The Mahama led government must not waste our ears on a palpable falsehood. Is the President preaching peace and acting otherwise? Mr. President let your words be your deeds.

Fellow Ghanaians, there seem to be a deliberate ploy by this NDC government and its operatives to shove through the necks of the average Ghanaian a blatant untruth. The ploy is simple; let the ordinary Ghanaian believe this fallacy and proceed to doubt the verdict of the court and assume the judiciary powers of the Supreme Court to instigate pandemonium.

The National Peace Council must live up to its mandate to stop this evil merchandize of the NDC government to create violence and instability in this country. The council must be bold to tell government in the face that such doctored tapes will not wash and all average Ghanaians can see through the dirty and wicked organization of government and its apostles to foment mayhem after the 29th August ruling of the Supreme Court. This may be the only chance for the Peace Council to save itself the trouble of doing post mortem analysis after the wishes of violence of this NDC government has come to pass.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, we urge you to exercise your greatest form of discretion to ignore the publication of this doctored tape with the contempt it deserves. This is because the doctored tape is a subset and appears to be a grand itinerary by the NDC government to redirect this dear country of ours to the path of war and destruction as it has happened in elsewhere around the world. It can be recalled that principal state actors started the slogans like 'No court can overturn the December 2012 polls,' 'how can nine (9) judges decide for 25million people?' and 'what should the people do if they don't like the verdict given by the Supreme Court.' All these were part and parcel of a conspiratorial agenda towards the verdict of the court should their cause fail.

The timing of release of this doctored tape is diversionary and a mere attack on the irresistible peace we are all yearning for. Is it surprising that government information machinery will front doctored tapes as its focal issue in the midst of labour agitations? At a time when one will have thought that the pre occupation of this NDC government should be what measures have been put in place for this year's University admission wahala, or proffer solutions to the uncountable strikes which has bedeviled the labour front, or better still how the Mahama led government intends to resolve the imminent judiciary staff association of Ghana (JUSSAG) strike on 29th August to ensure a smooth proceeding in court for the final verdict.

AFAG sees this development as very sad for our democratic experiment. Especially when NDC politicians decide to see the very issues which matter as trivial, and for the sake of power, go to the extreme extent of peddling falsehood, twisting and fabricating tapes for their parochial but shambolic interest. Shameful is an understatement for this malodorous political effort. The thirst for power which can cause the peace and stability of the nation is lucidly behind this Mahama led administration.

We call on all religious, civil society, and political pressure groups to join the forces in condemning in unambiguous terms this ferocious attempt of government to plunge this country into anarchy. This is the time to stand united to defend the PEACE we seek in Ghana.

In conclusion, AFAG wish to congratulate all religious bodies, civil society groups, decent politicians who have added their voice to the messages of tranquil and peaceful coexistence in Ghana. For the axis of evil and their operatives, they will not succeed! Ghana will become the ultimate winner come 29th August and beyond.

God bless our homeland Ghana.
Henry Haruna Asante
Mutala Mohammed
Abu Ramadan
Joshua Kyeremateng
Davis Opoku Ansah

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