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26 August 2013 | Education



We the leadership and members of TESCON branch of the University of Mines and Technology (UMaT) Tarkwa, wish to pledge our unflinching support for the peace, development and stability of this nation as we await the Supreme Court's verdict. We believe that the Justices sitting on the case would deliver justice based on the evidence presented before them and bearing in mind the constitution of the Republic of Ghana and protecting the sanctity of the judiciary. We would therefore like to make a clarion call by making it quite clear to all and sundry to desist from actions that will send the country down the abyss as we await the court verdict on the 29th of August 2013.

Politics in Ghana has over the years been an epitome of peace in Africa and its only logical to uphold the peace and stability Ghana has enjoyed over the years. We appreciate the various peace advocates that has gained momentum in both the print and electronic media, and we as TESCON UMaT would like to add our voices to this call by urging all sympathizers and supporters of NPP and NDC, especially the youth wings in the various tertiary institutions to accept the verdict in good faith. TESCON being the youth wing of NPP as well as the potential future leaders of this nation, also urge all TEIN groups in all tertiary institutions to also accept the verdict in good faith for peace to prevail in the country. We are edging all to bear in mind that at the end of the day, it is our democracy that will be victorious. If we have a strong democracy, then we have the hope of becoming the future leaders of our mother land Ghana. We all one now and one as a nation, should we be after the verdict.

We would also like to congratulate the leadership of the party especially the petitioners for resorting to the court, thereby upholding and further strengthening our democracy. This has opened a new dawn in Ghanaian politics, a new door of hope and a cure to election violence especially during elections. We are very grateful for such bravery act. Nana, Ayikoo.

To the other parties in the land mark case, we say thank you all for allowing peace to prevail throughout the trial. And to the justices, we thank you so much for controlling our political activist to maintain the peace of the country. We know the good people of our country will not be disappointed by your judicious verdict.

TESCON; Commitment without inducement. NPP; Development in freedom.

Long Live TESCON UMaT,
Long Live NPP,
Long Live GHANA.

Sakyiama Okyere Ben

Press Secretary (TESCON UMaT)