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'Lead lifestyles worthy of emulation'

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By Daily Graphic

The Acting head and missionary in charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission of Ghana, Alhaji Maulvi Muhammad Yusuf Yawson, has urged people in leadership position to lead lifestyles that are worthy of emulation.

He explained that the lifestyles of leaders ought to be simple and without ostentation so that their followers and communities would emulate them.

Addressing a passing-out ceremony of 45 missionary students who had graduated from Ahmadiyya Muslim Missionary Training College at Ekumfi Ekrawfo in the Central Region,  Alhaji Yawson urged the young missionaries to shun arrogance.

He said they should  be prepared to serve heir communities with humility and endeavour to live in peace and harmony with  their Muslim  and Christian brothers and sisters.

The acting  head advised the graduands, who were from a number of African countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Kenya and Uganda,  to utilise their four-year intensive studies in Islam and non-Islamic religions, as well as courses in Agricultural and Computer sciences for the benefit of the youth in their communities

Presenting his report, the Principal of the college, Maulvi Hameed Ullah Zafar, said the college, which was established in 1966 , had been able to  produce 457 missionaries who were currently serving in Ghana, other countries in Africa and elsewhere.

Mr Zafar said currently the college had a student population of 105 out of which 20 were Ghanaians.

He said the college had established a special department where young students were encouraged to memorise and commit the entire Holy Qu'ran to memory.

He said the  Department, established  a few years ago, had been able to produce 25 children who had acquired the title Hafiz , a title reserved for scholars who  could recite the Qu'ran off-hand.

Touching on discipline in the college, Maulvi Zafar said even though students were drawn from 17 countries in Africa who were from different backgrounds, the college was able to train them to be humble, submissive, well-behaved and dedicated missionaries.

 Maulvi Zafar paid glowing tribute to the  Ahmadiyya  Muslim Mission of Ghana, both the staff and non-teaching of the College, Ekumfi District and Traditional Councils for their co-operation in seeing to the progress of the college.

By Abdul Aziz/Daily Graphic/Ghana

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