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22.08.2013 General News

Watching The Watchman

By Ghanaian Chronicle
Watching The Watchman
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Its eighteen to nine in the morning, and I am chilling.

I have decided to wield a pen again, after almost seventy years of wielding that implement which can wreak havoc or dispatch souls and consign them to the hereafter.

I am starting with the newspapers – print media for now, but with the dwindling numbers as is the situation now, I am being encouraged to look at the electronic media instead.

The newspapers are undergoing a seismic quake now, and need parenting instead of a shake-down. Readers will eventually decide which way this will go.

  Bring my glasses.
As usual, the almighty Daily Graphic.
The paper is looking good by the day, and should inspire sister Ghanaian Times to do some sprucing up now. I think Kwesi Yankah (Prof) has chided the fop guns at the Times to spruce up, and now that he has moved to greener pastures, the ivory towers, good catch!

Bet the thunder is being yanked under their noses, which is sad, but after years of shit bombing readers with their format design style - seeds sowed by their everlasting editor - there was a time that the paper towered over all.

It was amazing, was it is rather the newspaper on the other side -private press -which is racing after her, the mighty graphic, which is a shame!!!

Today`s Gaphic carried on its front page a story which normally belongs to the Daily Guide in form and substance – ' NPP youth activist to die by hanging .'

The story is about the conviction by a Tamale high court judge of a known New Patriotic Party activist to death by hanging, for the murder of an NDC man four years ago.  

Within the ranks of the NPP is emerging a collection of lawyers who are earning their epaulettes. Besides Ayikoi Otoo, is the younger and combative Obiri Boahen, who is a fire and brimstone lawyer, who is quick on the draw, though his appearance belies his physique.  

Graciously, Ayikoi Otoo announced to the world that he is ready for all NPP members to call on him, should the need arise. I wonder just how many will throng his parlor from tomorrow. I shudder.

Linda Tenyah's story in the Daily Guide about a woman who specializes in `gazumping` wedding presents is a story about a thief who specializes in amassing wedding presents and cash, recalling a particular wedding where she bagged fifteen million cedis.

I have fond memories of this town, and its people.    

WOMEN CHASE ADDISON …after exploits in the Supreme Court     

Screamed The Chronicle of the same day with a second story, damping the red alert of the previous day which raised hackles.


Trainee teachers have expressed displeasure at the decision of the government to withdraw trainee allowances. This is a vote losing cut that only will tax the politician who is in charge.   Mark my words. This is the biggest strike that only a man of the stature of Clinton or Obama can grapple with.   Any adviser!!! Beware the ides of March.


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