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21.08.2013 Opinion

The Northern politician; a major contributor to the development woes of the North.

The  Northern politician; a major contributor to the development woes of the North.
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"Although Americans sometimes find it difficult to say what they mean, they mean what they say....."

Irrespective of what my relationship with the "Northern Political Power Brokers" will look like after this pronouncement, as a "Proverbial American", I mean what I say.

In all my years of Sociology-Academic endeavour, I have always had keen interest in interrogating what to me has become a cliche (Development gap between the North and the South) that has remained a political mantra, to say the least.

Such interest has posed an ultimate responsibilty on me to carefully do a forensic diagnosis of what the "Northern Political Elite" has contributed to dealing with the development nemesis of Northern Ghana. This is not to say I have no cognisance of Pre-colonial, other Post-colonial and even Geo-political interferences.

Those notwithstanding, it is imperative to note that, the advent of "Development Failure" in Northern Ghana owes, with the greatest respect, much to the ineptitude of Sons and Daughters of the North.

As this piece is not aimed at massaging the truth or praising politicians so as to pretentiously put smiles on their faces, their surrogates',......, comfort is entirely mine to mention names.

Chronologycally, the North has had strong representation in every party and government, civilian or military in the persons of S. D. Dombo, E. A Mahama, Alhaji Mumuni Bawumia, Tolon Naa Yakubu, Madam Bolko,.......and recently, Alhaji Aliu Mahama, John Dramani Mahama, Ambrose Derry, Alhaji Mohammed Mumuni, Hawa Yakubu, Cletus Avoka, Moses Asaga, Mahamudu Bawumia Benjamin Kumbuo, Alban S.K Bagbin, Boniface Abubakar Sadik, Alhaji Abukari Sumani, Alhaji Mustapha Ali, Haruna Iddrisu, John Tia Akologo,.....etc...., R.I.P to the dead on the list.

As much as I recognise their contribution to having their names in Ghana's political history books as "participants", I without qualms also acknowledge their failure to effectively contribute to change the development history of Northern Ghana.

Not that I hate or have issues with a single one of them but I love to have seen their utmost commitment to developing their "home"; sorry to Ghanaians in the South. I have rather drawn inspiration from the politicians in your backyard.

Respectfully, where the Northern Politician has failed woefully which has had a long standing chain of effects is their "loyalty" to refusing to nurture or develop human resource, using their political and related "power".

Sadly, this has developed into a disgusting tale where there is an apparent "war" between the successful politician and the "have-the-potential". This has in no doubt, further degenerated into a seeming "cold blood" between "bright chaps" both in the academia and in lower political realms.

It is not however surprising that, this canker cuts across all political parties and their elites as far as the North is concerned.

The situation has successfully created, not an impression but a reality of a dispensation where the powerful political elite will do its best to ensure that young potentials do not grow to look like them or reach their status.

Consequently, only a few who nurture an ambition to reach certain heights in both academia and politics see their dreams come through.

It will further interest you to know that the "best friend" to a Northern Politician is one that has no sign of progress in their own commitment to the pursuit of knowldge and useful business and other ventures.The only Northerners who may use their "officialdom" to help a fellow Northerner are some very few technocrats, names withheld.

As Aristotle has/had it, "all who have meditated on the art of governing humankind have been convinced that the fate of Empires depends on the education of the youth", the development predicament of the North will show no signs of lessening to the level of our Southern counterparts', unless the Northern Politician develops love for grooming human resource; whether "they" will "rise" above them or not.

Irrespective of the rhetoric of these politicians of the North cum the "commitment" of successive governments to bridge the gap, there is one thing that stands alone - the clean commitment of those who have had the opportunity to lead from the North.

I can not however, call it a day without crediting them (the Northern Politician) for their commitment to something we can not leave out when discussing the Development of Northern Ghana. That is, their interest in benefiting from Chieftaincy Conflicts across the North and blaming their Southern counterparts for dividing our ranks.

Truth is, it is absurd to suppose that purpose is not present because we do not see the agent deliberating; the best illustration is a Doctor doctoring himself. To me, if the people of Libya, Iraq and the like comfortably sold out the weakness of their internal cohesion for purposes of self-seeking aspirations, don't blame America and the West if they infilterate their ranks to seek to promote foreign interest.

No matter how nervous I may feel for fear of losing my friendship with the few of them that I may have known, I stand by my words and take full responsibility. Please, anyone who wishes to tell it to them in a way that will let them (the messanger) benefit for such "service" should not forget to add that Rabiu ended his "thing" with a saying; "difficult as it is to say, it is better to go down with the truth on your lips than rise with common innuendo and double talk".

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