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17.08.2013 Diaspora News

NPP—UK Youth Wing Holds Special Meeting

NPP National Chairman, Mr. Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey
LISTEN AUG 17, 2013
NPP National Chairman, Mr. Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey

A special public forum of the Youth Wing of the New Patriotic Party UK to educate its members on the ongoing supreme court petition and other matters affecting the youth took place at the City of London Business College, 724-726 Seven Sisters Road, London N15 5SH on the 13th August 2013.

The meeting was well attended by members of the wing, its supporters and senior members of the party including executives, namely; Ms. Veronica Heming -Women Organiser, Mr. Kwabena AfumDankwa and Ms Susan Akomeah, - first and second vice chairperson respectively, the secretary - Mr.Matthew Kyeremeh, assistant secretary - Mr. Marlon Anipa as well as the chairman - Mr. Hayford Atta-Kruffi.

The meeting started with opening remarks by the Youth Organiser Godwin Adjei-Gyamfi. In his opening remarks he told the hundreds of youth and other members of the party present that the meeting was also about the involvement of the youth in the party and also in nation building. He stated that whatever possible outcome of the supreme court petition the youth will have a role to play.

He also said that his vision for the Youth Wing of the UK branch was an effective youth wing that mobilised support for the Branch and National Party.

He further stated that he wanted the wing to serve as the training ground for future leaders of the branch, the national party and ultimately Ghana. Further, it was his vision that the wing will have a separate budget from the branch to co-ordinate its own affairs.

He said "In brief,ladies and gentlemen, we should aim to build a vibrant, effective and well resource youth wing in our branch."

He challenged each and every youth in the room to take up the challenge of allowing their hard work to speak volumes and if they did, they will be rewarded by the people of Ghana. He cited the likes of honourable K. T Hammond, Isaac Osei, JH Mensah and others as coming through the rank and file in the wing.

Andrew Owusu a member of the youth wing and the party's communication team said what is unique about the party was the ability to nurture young talented individuals - through disciplined and selfless apprentiship to become successful leaders of our country.

He noted that the NPP are in court today because it believes that 'the umbrella of impunity used duplicated pink sheets and in connivance with Electoral Commission officials, doctored results to keep NDC in power.'

Andrew admonished the youth to bury their differences and forge ahead in unity to fight for the party's victory to be restored by the Supreme Court.

The special meeting was also attended by the former chairman of the NPP Holland Branch, Mr Kobby Annan, who advised that the party here in the UK should not be effected by any segregation of its internal structure.

He said he was encouraged by the attendance of not only the youth of this great party but also the participation of older members of the party as well. He said our young people have the opportunity to identify themselves with leaders of the party branch here to purposefully to champion their aspirations and interests.

He said he was convinced that more young people will be attracted to join The NPP UK Youth Wing to represent a real force in the NPP."

A special message from the National Youth Organiser, Emmanuel Attafuah Danso was read by Kojo Yankah (Acting Assistant Youth Organiser).

He thanked members of the UK branch for their support and stated that The National Youth Wing is undertaking a number of activities and programs involving workshops, training and equipping the youth of the Party for effective and close monitoring of future elections to avert some of these otherwise avoidable challenges.

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