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14.08.2013 Feature Article

Supreme Court Flexing Her Muscles But.....

Supreme Court Flexing Her Muscles But.....
LISTEN AUG 14, 2013

In the absence of justice, there can never be any sustainable peace. No matter how mightily one wields the punitive axe, people cannot be coerced into respecting the authority if those in authority do not respect themselves; exactly the situation prevailing in Ghana at the moment. 
For respect of institutions to be maintained and upheld with all our souls, mind and heart, those in authority must respect the laws. Those in charge of our national institutions must live exemplary lives worthy of emulation. The repugnant practice of hypocritical and selective justice in Ghana under the very nose of the judiciary as masterminded by the government should cease. Until then, jailing people, threatening to jail them, fining them hefty sums of money will all be to no avail. It will amount to chasing the wind. 
The political polarisation of the population and the national institutions e.g. the security forces, for the parochial interests of the government or those in power is not healthy for the continual existence of the nation. 
There is a strong public perception about the judiciary not being only corrupt but in a way playing into the hands of some politicians for a reason or the other. In Ghana as I know of, the poor has no justice. When a poor man steals say a chicken, he will be jailed for up to five years depending on the mood the sentencing judge is in on the day of passing sentence. 
On the hand, when one steals millions of Ghana New Cedis as it is in the case of Alfred Agbesi Woyome, he is not only left off the hook but offered maximum protection. What nonsense is that? 
We all appreciate the fact that the Supreme Court has put her foot down to protect the country. In an event of them failing, that will spell the end of our dear country, it will disintegrate. Nonetheless, the judges must be seen to be fair and firm. Should they be found to be partial as it is currently the perception of many, no matter the amount of the punishment they mete out, it will not wash. 
When the people rise up to take the law into their hands in an en masse agitation, no amount of military power can stand up against it. Let us all be guided by the Arab Spring and the on-going situation in Egypt as we speak. Let us learn lessons from them; how and why the uprisings came about and how their countries have been destroyed beyond imagination. 
We demand of the Supreme Court unqualified justice in Election 2012 case without which the peace that we espouse cannot be sustained, I am afraid. People are crying for justice and justice is what they should get. My heart bleeds for my country Ghana when I see those in government taking the governed for a rough ride, stealing money via dubious judgment debt payments while the Courts look on helpless. What country are we trying to build? 
Could the Supreme Court through the attempts of stamping their authority by the punishments so far meted out to Sammy Awuku, Stephen Atubiga, Ken Kuranchie, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie aka Sir John, and Hopeson Adorye really do the trick? Can they bring sanity into the way politics is done in Ghana to salvage the country from the hands of crooks and political misfits? 
Unless the judges are themselves fair, firm and friendly, their attempts will be much ado about nothing. Their cast judicial net should not catch shrimps alone but also, any type of fish that is within the encompassment of the net. I should not be seen as being sarcastic. I am seriously telling the absolute truth. 
We shall all help the Supreme Court to bring back the lost respect Ghanaians once had for their elders. It must be reinstated at all costs. However, the elders must respect themselves and the people they head, the only way such an attempt will yield the desired fruits. 
More grease to the elbows of the Supreme Court. I am waiting patiently to see if they will deliver true justice but not peace-influenced or based justice in the Election 2012 case.

Rockson Adofo
Rockson Adofo, © 2013

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