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29.07.2013 Feature Article

'Travel and See'

Kwasi Ansu-KyeremehKwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh
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It was an inscription on a mammy truck, one of the bone shakers which shook transportation across the motherland until they were banned by the military in the late 1960s without proper substitute. Travel and see is about the motherland's advancement.

If you happen to have found yourself travelling on the motherland's account, she is expected to benefit from the expenses by you, bringing back the good things you see.

In the Nkrumah era, the evidence was everywhere. Krobo Edusei imported yellow-painted fender taxi identification and all Nkrumah's big, big projects were travel and see dividends.

What I saw in my brief travel these past few days include reaction to dealing effectively with seemingly unsolvable corruption. Before I read the headline 'IGP Sacks Entire Personnel of MTTU,' I had watched a short feature story on BBC World News about moving the Republic of Georgia from a bottom position on the Transparency International corruption index to fourth ahead of Britain at fifth. This is it; I felt.

Unfortunately, the headline did not accurately summarise the details of the story. Only the men and women of a small MTTU unit, the Brong-Ahafo squad, were involved. That is, only one out of ten regions, excluding the heavy headquarters concentration and capital presence, was being moved around.

I bet any of them who find themselves in the Eastern Region will still bunch together with others in groups of minimum seven to operate on the roadside while stalled and broken down articulated and heavy trucks set death traps for drivers of smaller vehicles.

Seeing his motherland drenched in corruption, President Mikhail Shaskavilli believed an effective reversal of being ranked among the most corrupt in the world was to begin with the traffic police, the equivalent of our MTTU.

He so proceeded to disband and sack the entire police traffic unit replacing it with a more transparent system.

Given the enthusiasm of Director-General of the MTTU, ACP Angwutubuge Awuni, I think the President should send him and the IGP to learn how it was done. The Georgian solution did not cover the top, though. So there will be no answer from there to the judgment debt and loan corruption. But at least it will be a start.

In travel, I also saw my physician show a lot of admiration for the motherland republic. His view was that we seem to be doing little to nothing about publicizing our stability for the purpose of expanding our tourism enterprises. People are looking for alternatives to the established tourism sites, he observed, and that to him the tourism gold was yet to be mined free of the Chinese galamsey environmental threat.

Close to the observation is the second chance thesis of the former scribe of the whole world, Busumuru. My physician only talked about underexploited tourism potential. Busumuru, on his part, took a holistic look at the vast resources of the motherland: cocoa, gold, and now oil. And sure, there is the human capital, into motherland's cash has been invested, yet being allowed to rot away in graduate unemployment.

My physician, tucked somewhere far away in the Canadian prairie corner obviously had no idea about the plundering of the motherland's resources by a few NDC bad men, boys, women and girls. Still, both my physician and Busumuru seemed to be saying something similar, the squandering of the goodwill gains of Kufuor.

The second chance plea seems to be anchored in the performance of Kwame Nkrumah and to some extent John Agyekum Kufuor.

Looking at today's NDC people in control of the vast motherland resources, no individual with the capacity to motivate and inspire the motherland's development is in sight.

It seems there is nobody in the NDC club who has brought the good things he or she saw overseas (which they do a lot on the motherland's tickets and per diems) to bear in the management of the resources of motherland.

This must be the umpteenth time I must be saying that the current 'cannot be contained' dirt and filth of the capital city are founded in an extraterrestrial (ET) near 12-year mayorship, an ET who had never travelled and seen, and therefore left the national capital in an irreparable condition of kiosking and containerization.

I also read from a President Mahama observation that the Supreme Court petition on the 2012 presidential election results is a challenge to the motherland's good health. I wonder to whom the observation was addressed.

He is the primary beneficiary of the results and seems to have exercised his fount of mandating the administration for the motherland in a rather fount of dissipation of state resources with his appointments.

The motherland triumphs over the challenge once he accepts the final verdict irrespective of his appointee bootlickers' views.


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