16.01.2004 General News

JAK's "men" assault, detain Lebanese

16.01.2004 LISTEN
By Chronicle

Arif Hany, a 20-year-old Lebanese computer repairer, last Saturday, January 10, 2004 tasted a bit of hell when he was brutally assaulted and detained at the Central police station in Kumasi. His detention was at the instance of four dispatch riders believed to be part of the presidential motorcade when the President was in Kumasi at the weekend to attend a funeral.

Arif claims while driving along the government road around 1.45 p.m. in his Toyota Corolla with registration No.GR1247 R, he was ordered by the said motor riders to stop.

He said he was surprised because the riders were not leading any convoy, neither was there the warning sound of a siren, but he obliged.

When Arif demanded to know why they stopped him, one of the riders reportedly insulted him, calling him 'f**king man' and ordered him to drive straight to the Central police.

Knowing he had not committed any crime, he is said to have pleaded with them to take him home so that his father would at least know about his arrest.

They followed him to his Nhyiaeso residence where, without any provocation, the police riders assaulted him, leading to a fracture in his neck.

He sustained bruises all over his body as well. Madam Rabby Hany, Arif?s mother, who could not stand the scene, fainted. Nearby residents had to resuscitate her.

The above scene notwithstanding, the riders who Arif claim could be identified when seen, escorted him to the Central police station where he was placed in custody, only to be released later.

No statement was taken from him. He could not tell who ordered his release either.

A source at the Central Police Station confirmed the arrest, detention and sudden release of Arif from custody last Saturday.

The police source could also not tell the source of authority behind Arif?s release. The Lebanese is shaken to the bones so much that, he is now scared of the sound of a siren and has vowed not to venture out during the weekend when the president visits Kumasi the second time, two weeks hence.

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