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1 May 2013 | Press Release

Youth Alliance Condemns WAEC For Cancellation Of Government Papers

Youth Alliance For Development
Youth Alliance Condemns WAEC For Cancellation Of Government Papers

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) in a press release alleges that based on what they call routine inspections; it has revealed that the secrecy of Government Papers 1&2 was compromised before the paper was taken.

On this ground, the council has cancelled the papers and asked students to write the paper again.

Youth Alliance views the decision of the exams council as superfluous and an abuse of the fundamental human right of the affected students.

Youth Alliance for Development finds this disturbing since candidates have no major role to play when it comes to keeping the secrecy and integrity of exams papers before they are taken. The exams council allows questions to leak and students are made to suffer for its actions.

Why would WAEC punish innocent students who have no role to play in the conduct of the examination for their own negligence?

We expected WAEC to do a thorough investigation in its own backyard to find out the source of the leakage before punishing students to write the paper again.

Considering the current electricity situation coupled with the fact that some of the candidates couldn't complete the syllabus, we find it unacceptable the reasons the council gave for the cancellation.

We are also surprised that major stakeholders in the educational sector are silence over the attitude of WAEC over the years.

We therefore call on WAEC to quickly rescind its decision to cancel the papers since from all indications students have not faulted in any way.

We appeal to the media to give an eagle eye to the ongoing investigation the council is conducting on the matter so that the real source of the leakage and those behind are made public.

We however urge affected students to remain calm, adhere to the guidelines and obey all directives from authorities to successfully complete their final exams.


Ali Tanti Robert Mustapha Badini

Executive Director Comm.Director


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