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29.11.2003 General News

PNC will fulfil its campaign promises when voted to power.

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Tema, Nov. 29, GNA -- Alhaji Ahmed Ramadan, Deputy National Treasurer of the Peoples National Convention (PNC) at the week-end gave the assurance that the party will ensure that all promises made during electioneering campaigns are fulfilled when voted to power.

"We will not go to the Castle, cast our minds back to make confessions as being done by some political leaders presently, for whatever promises we make now, we have researched into them and know how to tackle them if we climb to the top of the ladder," he said.

Alhaji Ramadan, who was speaking at PNC training workshop for about 60 constituency executives from Greater Accra Region at Tema said, "we have started early to strategise, because we are aware of increasing our fortunes in the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2004, provided we tell the electorate what we can generally do."

He bemoaned the poor results of the PNC in the two previous elections and other bye-elections, and said "all hope is not lost - we need to work hard at the base level, and that is why we are training you with financial support from Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA)."

Alhaji Ramadan disclosed that PNC priority will be education, employment and health, and explained that, "we will make primary one to the end of Senior Secondary School (SSS) free, and ensure that there are adequate books and equipment for learning purposes, as well as motivate teachers in the classrooms.

"We will ensure that the GETFund that is collected through VAT is used for the purposes for which Ghanaians are making their contributions, and not play politics by diverting the funds to undertake some funny projects and name them HIPC projects."

Alhaji Ramadan said instead of the government allowing Ghanaians to have enough discussions on the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), it "smuggled" the bill to parliament, rushed it through, as if heaven was coming down to earth, for approval and left a lot of loopholes such as the areas the insurance will cover."

"What we are seeing now is that the Act has been put on hold for the eight months before it could be implemented, and this is in bad taste."

Alhaji Ramadan said the government of PNC would give subsidy to farmers to encourage more people to be enticed into the agricultural industry as part of the solution to the high unemployment situation in the country.

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