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11.03.2013 General News

Hope City Deserves The Support Of All: Nana Akomea

By Ghanaian Chronicle
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By: Masahudu Ankiilu Kunateh
Email:[email protected]
The Communications Director of the opposition New Patriotic Party, Nana Akomea, has said that the $10 billion project to build a one-stop development enclave in Ghana by Rlg Communications Limited is commendable, and deserves the support of all who claim to have the country's development and progress at heart.

Citing the examples of Korea and some western countries, Nana Akomea said governments in developing countries have no choice but to embrace what he termed 'imaginative support' to citizens who have amply exhibited the desire and determination to help grow the local economy.

Nana Akomea, a former Information Minister, was contributing to panel discussions on Metro TV's current affairs programme, Good Morning Ghana.

President John Dramani Mahama, last week, cut the sod at Dunkunaa, near Accra, for the commencement of work on the multi-billion dollar project, intended to provide jobs for 50,000 people upon completion in five years.

The project will have residential accommodation, universities, office accommodation, health and recreational facilities, as well as an ICT park among others.

It will also have the tallest building on the continent upon completion, occupying a total 24.47 acres of land for the project described by the BBC as ambitious for an individual.

Recalling his first encounters with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rlg, Roland Agambbire, Nana Akomea said while serving as Minister for Youth, Employment and Manpower Development under the NPP regime, his predecessor, Alhaji Abubakar Saddick, introduced Mr. Agambire to him, and after initial interactions, 'I was thrilled by his deepest sense for business, charity, and desire to weed out unemployment.'

'He gave me his vision and work plan, and I, since then, have been amazed where he has reached in a relatively short time.'

He said after working with him on particularly, NYEP Projects, 'I introduced him to MASLOC.'

He told the programme's host, Randy Abbey, that he had learnt that Mr. Agambire has a huge business in China, a country where it is extremely difficult for foreigners, especially Africans, to penetrate, and for him to do that is a monumental achievement, which equally deserves commendation.

'The Roland thing was the paradigm I had in mind when I served as Minister in charge of Youth and Manpower Development; make sure delivery is done and payment plan is followed,' he said.

Commenting on the just-unveiled Hope City Project, Nana Akomea said the government should be able to fashion out protective mechanisms, and find a way of blocking imports to give him space. It is called picking winners, and this is how the Samsungs and the Toyotas have become what they are today.'

The sod-cutting ceremony of Hope City Project attracted a number of international dignitaries, including the Senior Vice President of Microsoft Corporation, Ali Faramwy, two Governors from Nigeria, as well as a delegation from South Africa.


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