Jehovah's Witnesses call on Christians to safeguard their consciences

By Ghana l GNA
General News Jehovah's Witnesses call on Christians to safeguard their consciences

Jehovah's Witnesses at the weekend held a special assembly day programme with a call on Christians to safeguard their consciences to aid them walk with God and follow Jesus' footsteps.

The aim of the programme was to help the delegates to work towards acquiring a bible-trained and holy spirit-led conscience, which together with the bible, could serve as a reliable guide in deepening their relationship with God.

Mr Samuel Kwesi, a member of the Ghana Branch Committee of Jehovah's Witnesses, urged the delegates to guard against debased entertainment, bad association, flirting immodest dressing and grooming which could damage their bible-trained conscience.

He explained that when properly trained, the conscience could serve as a “legislator” to guide Christians in a chosen path that could lead to God's blessings.

Mr Stephen McIntyre, Circuit 53 Overseer of the Witnesses, also said true Christians needed to invest time, energy and resources into the lifesaving preaching work of the Kingdom good news.

He noted that like the Apostle Paul who bore thorough witness about Christ to “all sorts of men,” true Christians needed to view the evangelizing work as very important for salvation.

Mr Obed Ackom, an elder with the McCarthy Hill congregation added that daily bible reading and meditation as well as the application of God's word in a Christian's life was critical for him to succeed.

The assembly programme stressed on the importance of acquiring a bible-trained conscience.

The benefits, they speakers highlighted, included gaining self-respect, peace of mind, and a strong assurance that one's sins had been forgiven on the basis of exercising faith in Christ's ransom sacrifice.