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24.11.2003 Business & Finance

Goodwill Ambassador To Lead Ghana's US Investment Drive

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Government in collaboration with the US Center for International Development (CID) is to establish the Ghana Trade and Information Office (GTIO) in North America to boost efforts of attracting investors into Ghana.

The GTIO centre is expected to group a team of marketing, project, and liaison specialists who would concentrate on promoting the business development of Ghana through business opportunities, using the technology, products and services of North American companies.

The Reverend Elizabeth McKinney, President and Chief Executive of Prophetic Management Enterprises, "LLC", an Information Communication Technology Firm, based in Los Angeles, US, stated in a E-mail message to the Ghana News Agency in Accra.

Rev McKinney, a Black American, recently outdoored the Goodwill Ambassador to Cape Coast, Ghana, said the success of GTIO would be measured through the projects developed and implemented, and the awareness raised about Ghana.

She said the establishment of a strong relationship with the Ghana government at all levels would be necessary to ensure active support and participation of US investors in the development of business in Ghana.

She said the primary objective in establishing a North American Ghana Trade and Information Office (GTIO) was to support Ghana in the development and implementation of business development plans and strategies and to promote business opportunities in Ghana to North American companies.

It would also be used to actively foster strong relationships with the North American governments and related agencies for funding and international trade.

GTIO will also act as the primary resource and coordinator for Ghanaian officials and personnel. Services provided will include travel, meeting scheduling, technology and skill transfer programs, translation, communication, financial affairs, investment, and other support services.

Rev McKinney said another important function of GTIO in North America would be to provide a central tracking control and management function for all proposed, developed, implemented and completed projects by working closely with the International Relations Division of the Center for International Development (CID) in the United States.

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