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4 March 2013 | Press Release

Asunafo North NDC Petitions Prez Mahama Over Corrupt MCE
Asunafo North NDC Petitions Prez Mahama Over Corrupt MCE

Mr. President Without any prejudice, we register our concerns and bring up to date, the state of our NDC party in the Asunafo North Municipality.

Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketia (General Secretary of NDC) after the NDC won the 2012 elections said in a party's press conference that “For Everything, I Believe in Organization”.

Mr. President, we do not believe that Asunafo Constituency is seemingly an NPP stronghold as some dishonest NDC members are claiming, but they won the election on a silver platter through hard work and organizing; and through virtuous leadership we can also win it back, for organization determines everything.

Mr. President, we are concerned members of NDC in Asunafo North and are dissatisfied with our Constituency Executives and theMunicipal Chief Executive in the person of Hon. Alhaji Mohammed Kwaku Doku.

Mr. President, let any NDC loyalist(s) dare ring a bell in the municipality that MKD is not leaving up to expectation, the people around him (Doku) will tell such loyalist(s) or observer that, you either hate Hon. Mohammed Doku or you want his position.

Again, the worse Hon. Doku could tell such loyalist(s) is that, with Alhaji Collins Dauda at the top, nobody can terminate his appointment.

Yes, Hon. Alhaji Collins Dauda could be his 'anchor' but the question we are asking is that, is Alhaji Collins Dauda also arrogant, introvert, corrupt and yet won his seat?

Certainly, the answer is a big no!
Mr. president,if the BNI reports are impartial as we are being made to believe, then, we the youth, cannot accept any reason(s) as to why the party hierarchy have not been informed about a disclosure in the public interest which relates to conflict of interest, corrupt practices and abuse of office by one Mr. Pobi (the Municipal Works Chief Engineer) and Hon. KwakuDoku.

The two (2) condoned and colluded to defraud the Community Based Rural Development Project and the state. In August 2009, the Municipal Chief Executive and Mr. Pobi collaborated and awarded a contract valued at GH₵ 32,633.40 to themselves with some contractor's certificate.

Again, on 4th November 2009, Hon. Mohammed Kwaku Doku dishonestly wrote a proposal by false pretenses to the thenZonal Coordinator for the CDRDP in Kumasi, titled;Submission ofProposal for Funding Projectswith Reference No. C42/BOL2/01. According to the letter, Hon.Mohammed KwakuDoku was seeking for funding from the CBRDP to complete some initiated projects in towns namely Abebresekrom Edwinase and Kasapin all in the municipality.

Meanwhile, the said projects had been awarded on contract by the Assembly Tendered Board Committee in 2004 and 2007 and those projects had reached a level of completion through funds from the Assembly share of the District Assembly Common Fund.

This act by Municipal Chief Executive made the NDC party propaganda secretary doubling as the Assembly member for Fawohoyeden electoral area had no other options than to file a petition to the COMMISSION FOR HUMAN RIGHT AND ADMINISTRATIVE JUSTICE; pursuant to chapter 24/284/1 of the 1992 constitution of Ghana. The case is still pending.

Mr.President, have we calculated the amount of tax monies that the consolidated fundhas missed? Is it not also glaring that the people in those communities that CBRDP should have benefited will not witness the good work that the Assembly should have done in terms of community development as a prerequisite to the better Ghana agenda?

Mr.President, the story, again, is been told about how the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Kwaku Doku (seeing it as business) fraudulently recommended someone who is neither a staff member nor an appointee of the assembly to the Belgium consulate/embassy for visa.

Again, the Assembly purchased a Caterpillar (Grader) to ease the construction and the repair of feeder roads in the municipality. As we speak now,the caterpillar is been given out for private hiring but the assembly member knows nothing about any financial account that operates such hiring of the caterpillar.

Besides, the electorates were told that the Goaso township roads would be completed before the 2012 elections but as we speak, nothing much has been done on that project. This town roads issue dearly affected the party during the elections. We, the NDC youth are therefore pleading with your noble office to facilitate the release of theAssembly's Common Fund for the project.

But if the government claims all common funds for the last four years have been paid, then, we are asking Hon. Mohammed KwakuDoku; NA SIKA WOHE?(Literally meaning, where are the monies).

Mr. President, we have previously said that organization determines everything but after the sudden death of the Constituency Chairman,MallamIssah, the Constituency executives have not been able to organize a meeting for the party members before, during and after the general election. The affairs of the party are been conducted on the shoulders of some selected members.

These selected executives neglected the polling station executives and formed their campaign team which triggered our defeat in Asunafo North Constituency.What worries us most is that about seven people have 'hijacked' the party as their personal property and are amassing wealth for themselves, namely Hon. AlhajiKwakuDoku (the MCE), Sheik Abdulla, HajiaSafia, Madam Gina, Mr. Moses Appau,Mr. Ceaserand a certain Great Bofah.

Fascinatingly, Mr. President, these people through their own 'ways and means'want you to retain the M.C.E (Hon. Mohammed KwakuDoku) of which we the NDC youth absolutely disagree with them. These 'big' seven people have created faction and division in the party.

The Municipal Chief Executives and his executives, who lack politician`s attributes, did not only create factions in the party, but truly lead the party into its defeat. Hon. Mohammed KwakuDoku and the executives could not manage the party well and this created an avenue for a vast majority of the party members joining NPP during the 2012 electioneering period.

Mr. President, we lost most of our strongholds in Asunafo North Constituency all because of Hon. Mohammed KwakuDoku`spersonality and is his choice of a certain Great Boffa; the unpopular campaign manager and a staunchNPP member who has not denounced is his membership through any medium in the municipality.

A man, whom, many people in the constituency admit he has no moral grounds due to his bizarre business and social life. This accounts for the reason why for the first time, NDC party lost all the polling stations in Akrodie, Asumura,Ayomso, and even Mim, a town the man Great Boffawas born and bred.

Mr. President, should your government build infrastructureand create jobs in Asunafo North, NDC will continue to lose election because of the arrogance and volatile attitude ofHon. Mohammed KwakuDoku and the current party executives.

Mr. President, it is also an open secret thatHon Mohammed KwakuDoku as a parliamentary candidate campaigned 'skirt and blouse' and asked the electorate to vote for Nana Addobut vote for him. According to him,Asunafo North Constituency is turning into an NPP stronghold.

But many would have expected that Hon Dokuhaving worked in Goaso Municipality since 1985and having served as Assemblyman at Abotanso, a suburb of Goaso(1988-1993) could have canvassed many votes in the area but it is disgustingto hear that NDC party is consistently losing all the polling stations in Goaso.

Mr. President, the MCE having realized that his actions woefully affected the party in the 2012 elections is confusing the electorates that he has narrowed the polling gap but any objective observer cannot conclude that Hon. Mohanmmed Kwaku Doku's candidature abetted in narrowing a gap. We, however, at this juncture asking an undoubting question that; does Hon. Mohammed KwakuDoku contest a traditional parliamentary seat to win or to help narrow a gap?

Mr. President, it must be stated categorically here that, we, the youth do not in any way underestimate the potential role of the party hierarchy at both regional and constituency level in the course of political appointments.

However, we must expose how Hon. Mohammed KwakuDoku further worsened the chances of the party as he wantonly promised Mr. Mohammed Lamin (son of Imam Lamin Ahmed and a card bearing member of TESCON dating back to his University days at UCC, 1999-2002 thus a staunch member of NPP), a Municipal Chief Executive position should he leave office.

It is also evident, that in the never ending Chief Imamship litigation in the Municipality, Hon. Doku openly supported the candidature of Imam Lamin Ahmed faction (the looser). This, his mischievous actlet the party down in the Zongo's.

Hon. Doku created so much resentment among the party's rank and file and the Zongo Muslim communities which led the historic defection of the Zongo NDC Youth into the field of NPP in February last year. See -Titled: Zongo NDC Youth in Goaso Defect to NPP.

Mr. President,moreover, Hon Doku asa Municipal Chief Executives and someone aspiring to be the Member of Parliament for Asunafo Constituency had little interaction with the party members due to his inherent poor interpersonal relationship since his assumption into office in 2008. He lacks the ability to inspire and motivates party members at different times.

This made incumbent upon Mr. Ben Ephson (renowned pollster) to predict that NDC would once again lose the Asunafo North seat due to Doku's political aberrations and the aforementioned poor interpersonal human relation.

Indeed, any political psychoanalyst could realize that Mr. Mohammed KwakuDoku is no force to reckon with by the NPP.

If indeed, Hon. Doku and the party executives do not lack those abilitiesaforementioned, the NPP parliamentary candidate in the person of Hon. Robert SarfoMensah(whom, his own party secretary contested in the NPP parliamentary primaries because the secretary like many others believed that he is a flop) would not have won the elections for the third time in Asunafo North Constituency in spite of the NPP's poor campaign strategy.

Mr. President, these actions of Hon. Doku amounts to contempt and serious indictment on the Assembly and has brought the Assembly's name to public ridicule. We, the youth are much concerned about the future of the party and can no longer tolerate Hon Alhaji Mohammed Kwaku Doku`s selfishness and political expedient leadership.

We are sincerely calling on you Mr. President that a perfect time has come for the sledge hammer to be used. We would appreciate it best if Hon. Mohammed KwakuDokucould be immediately removed as a Municipal Chief Executive and give us aproficient leader who can champion the goals of the party and Assembly as well.

Hoping to hear from your office very soon, Mr. President

Thank you.
The Youth expressing these concerns areMesser's:

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