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20.02.2013 General News


By Youth Alliance for Development
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The giant move by the National Youth Authority to reinstitute youth voluntary work camps across the country every year should be received by both arms by all Ghanaians. This is when young people with different skills from different fields of studies meet to provide voluntary services to communities which lack certain social amenities and learn at the same time through regular interactions. This is because our dear country is at stage where the spirit of patriotism is not exhibited by many. As a camper at Asankare Youth leadership and Training Institute in August 2011, I gained a lot of experience through the daily activities at the camp and the regular interactions with coordinators of the youth authority. I have heard many volunteers who say they get more out of experience than they give and I can confidently confirm this through my participation in the work camp. The youth who form a bulk of the country's population need programmes of such nature in order to contribute to the development of our country. The government of the day may not be able to satisfy every individual with the resources available but this effort would go a long way to support that of government in the developing our dear country. If we are able to volunteer to put up projects for communities every year, then our country will move a step forward far than our expectations. I want to implore all Ghanaian youth to take advantage of this work camp this year and contribute something for our country as John Kennedy said ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. Volunteering cost but let have such spirit in us since other countries are benefiting from such services.

Sherry Anderson once said volunteers don't get paid, not because they are worthless but because they are priceless. Let offer a priceless service to our country. I will therefore urge organisers of the camps to make it more attractive than we had the last time.

Government must therefore strengthen the National Youth Authority to make the work camp accessible in every district of this country this year so that some sense of patriotism would be instilled in our young people.

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