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18.02.2013 Feature Article


John Mahama
LISTEN FEB 18, 2013
John Mahama

In the beginning, God created the earth and set the tone for its progressive development within the framework of stages, times, seasons and eras. Situated within this same framework are the short, medium and long term. Again, the foundational stage, building stage and rapid accelerated growth and expansion stage have their functional place in there.

Indeed transformation is the key word in God's mind and that cut across human beings, infrastructure, natural resources and overall economy. He created man to be His development partner, the very logical reason why He had to create man in His own image and likeness.

What is the image and likeness of God? God is Visionary, Imaginative, Deep Thorough and Creatively Thinking, a Strategic Precision-Focused Planner, an Awesome Creator and Innovator, an Efficient Organizer, a Monitoring Implementer and a Brilliant Achiever.

All these complete attributes, necessary for the comprehensive integrated transformation of the seed earth and humanity He initiated, He invested in man, including the African who is no lesser than any other race in the world.

The initiating asset for this transformation game God gave us all through the first man Adam, the blue print for development was "THE MIND", and commanded him to take dominion of the earth and develop it. God is the very epitome of blessing, thus every thing that comes out of Him including His highly cherished investment of our human faculties to engage our revolutionary transformation and global competitiveness, is blessed. That is why the prime purpose for any citizen of this earth is to be a blessing to family, community and nation, an asset, not a liability, an addition, not a subtraction of the wholesome and collective. He will never have commanded Adam to do something He had neither equipped him for, nor had the capacity to do.

The revolutionary imagination, critical thinking, fascinating creativity, thorough research, "crazy" innovation, necessary self help, stimulation into double action, smart thinking strategies, scientific discoveries and applications, gargantuan capabilities and human possibilities, effective planning, production of constructive deviants by a revolutionary education system, and mega achievements are all products of the awesome mind and other human faculties.

Ghana, at this stage of renewal, reinvention, rapid accelerated transformation, growth and expansion, is faced with a broad array of challenges that require the application of up-to-date scientific knowledge of technology. We need access to credible , independent science and technology research capacity that would help to develop informed policies and take effective action.

The nation cannot develop agriculture, ensure food security, and produce a surplus for export without a massive and sustained infusion of human and material resources from science and technology into agricultural production and industry.

Advances in science and technology allow society to mobilize new sources of energy and materials, fight disease, improve and diversify agriculture, develop new products, mobilize and disseminate information, function as a serious-taken player in the global oil industry, develop and sustain globally competitive industries, transport people and goods with greater speed and safety, and achieve so much more as desired.

However, these technologies will not come through wishful thinking, all day and night prayer meetings, prophecies, laying on of hands, falling under the power of anointing, charismatic confessions and faith declarations, spiritual laughing, fasting, and visitations to prayer camps.

They are fruits of the maximized engagement of our God-given human faculties commencing with the mind which God has already blessed, enormous investments in education science discovery, targeted technological projects and interventions to get specific results.

With the future survival, sustainability, global competitiveness and prosperity of Ghana dwelling very much on a major paradigm shift in the engagement of our human faculties and our attitudes, a comprehensive restructuring, resulting in revolutionary socioeconomic transformation, premised on relevant, quality, rounded, globally competitive education as a catalyst for the creation of the new innovative society and economy, a sharp focus on value addition through knowledge-based, broader-thinking entrepreneurship, a citizenry building a collective to implement real change at all levels, preventive health care, and other viable infrastructure, it is worth noting that political leadership with the necessary drive and dare should urgently set, kick start and drive this compelling agenda.

Parents, schools, religious organizations, corporate establishments, traditional authorities, opinion leaders, life coaches, motivational speakers and the media can support the drive but it is the paid duty of the political executive and legislature to set the tone and framework, and inspire us right through to fruition.

All political leaders on the nation shall end their term in office and die as time passes by, and their greatness as well as the good treatment of their families by society after their demise, will be determined by their diligent and selfless service of volume-based transformation to the African people, most especially the youth, whilst in office.

The focus of political leadership should shift from superstition, lazy thinking and excessive partisanship to dramatic change and revolutionary achievement. Whilst acknowledging the importance and place of faith, we risk a high sole dependance and over-dependance on the supernatural, and even resign to primitive superstition, misplaced priorities and trailing in an embarassingly behind countries we are more resourced than. Our education should encourage self-constructed pieces of evidence, new knowledge discovery and habitual critical thinking.

The human mind has revolutionized the world through centuries and imagination, revolutionary creative thinking, scientific and technological discovery that enhance humanity, are God's first command to man.

They are neither evil nor anti-God. We have irresponsibly abandoned our dynamic human capability and called on a God who has put destiny in our hands to do something. A judgement day is coming when God will demand accountability for the talents, gifts, abilities and overall human faculties He gave us within the framework of His prime purpose for creating and positioning us here in Ghana as well as the wider world.

From Nkrumah right through to John Dramani Mahama, Osei Kyei Mensah-Bonsu, Georgina Theodora Woode, Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II, Mensa Otabil, Alhassan Andani, Alhaji Asumah Banda, Kojo Asare Baffour-Acheampong (KABA), Kwesi Nyantekyi, Professor Aryetey, Sekou Nkrumah, and every one of us, we will account for our stewardship of human development before a great and powerful God.

Faith has its place, but it is not a replacement for the effective use of our human faculties to dominate the earth. Wake up Ghana. Yes we can!!! God Bless Ghana

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