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17.11.2003 General News

DCE Under Fire For Amassing Wealth

By Gye Nyame Concord
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The NPP youth executives of the Salaga constituency have petitioned President Kufuor to probe the acquisition and renovation of three houses and a first class communication center by the Salaga DCE, Bismark Dari. The youth want the President to check the President’s corrupt practices or risk an uprising to topple him.

The youth say they need answers from the DCE on how he acquired resources less than three years after assuming office to fund the building of his personal bungalow and the renovation of two houses belonging to his parents.

The communication center, which was closed down after going bankrupt has also been recapitalised and is currently the best in Salaga, the youth alleged in a petition sent to President Kufuor on September 28, this year. The youth have also accused the DCE of using one Osman Kanikamade as a front man for awarding contracts to himself and his favourites. They also alleged non-transparency in the award of contracts in the district.

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