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01.02.2013 Feature Article

Literature: I am at the end with you

Literature: I am at the end with you
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A commanding attraction caused by the scheme
What you see is not what you can obtain
In the preserved modernity of antediluvian ruse
A mirror of whimpering double vision
Puking huge oceans of lies into the eyes
And yet I say unto you 'I am at the end with you''

Telecasting to us innuendoes of insubordination
Within a halo of flawless inaccuracies,
You shall find the grand Lucifer's notion
Of deception and of inconsistencies
And of which appears sweet but upon approach is nothing

And yet he says unto me ''I am at the end with you''

I saw a man busily searching what he has lost
Blind to the wind but sighted to the sun
Huge confusions like the little brain of a child
Playing to them something they cannot hear
Explaining to us things we cannot comprehend
He looks to the world and say ''I am at the end with you''

Written by Joseph Yaw Frimpong

Yaw Frimpong
Yaw Frimpong, © 2013

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