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It’s Official: Alan vs Mahama 2016

Hail The Political Messiah of Ghana... Alan Cash 2016Hail The Political Messiah of Ghana... Alan "Cash" 2016
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By BB Nkrumah

I am not a prophet, I am certainly not illiterate, I am not NDC fanatic, I am also not NPP partisan, and I am not ashamed to add that I am also not a registered Ghanaian voter. I only often favor the views of NPP policies. I have evidence to collaborate my assertion with an article I wrote in January 2009 titled “NDC: Learn from your past.” In that article, I called the NPP the best government in 30yrs. I have also written articles to malign the tenets of NDC, particularly, the founder, of which I regret now. For any doubting Thomases out there, please google “Dr. Rawlings, you reap what you sow.” These are articles I take credits for, with my name appended. Many such articles I orchestrated will certainly, again, bolster my insistence that I lean towards NPP policies albeit I prefer to be referred to as liberal or independent in mentality. Many who know me do not argue with me on this.

I was not there [Ghana] when NPP went to congress to elect their Flagbearer but the consensus gathered from many of the electorate who elected him as the Flagbearer cited reasons that were so retrograde, to say the least. Some of the reasons include “Nana de3 Ye Nim No Dada,” [As for Nana, we know]. Other reasons literally suggested its Nana's turn; Waaaaa look at that? The minority had good reasons to pursue the likes of Daniel Botchway and Alan “Cash” Kyeremanteng for the reasons that experts will suggest in the days ahead caused the upset of Nana's defeat. These are likability, arrogance, aggressiveness, loose talks, and surrounding himself with 'stomach' politicians who will say anything to impress their boss [Nana]. I leave my, often 100% accurate, assessments for the experts to reveal in the days to come.

Following the NPP Congress, and after personally meeting Nana Akuffo-Addo here in Houston, Texas, I wrote articles expressing my firm belief that Nana was a mistake for NPP. I cited my reasons why NPP will lose 2012 elections. Please read “Exposed: The Problem With NPP Leadership” then another “I was disappointed in Nana Akuffo-Addo” then another “Obama for NDC, Romney; etal for NPP” and “The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back For NPP.” As you could image, names calling became the attack lines. People called me village man, NDC surrogate, fool, stupid, and some unprintable words here. Even a whole NPP Chapter in the US wrote a rejoinder attempting to discredit my views and malign my credentials. These are not allegations I am making but facts that exist even now on the internet. I lost friends that prior to meeting Nana were people I called friends but my honest assessment caused them to distant themselves from me. If there's anything I have learned from this experience, then it is that truth wins! Correspondingly, I learned many more: [Some] NPP supporters are blindfolded with their zeal for the party to the point that they will call red color green. Also, they are best at insults and worse at selling their candidate to the electorate. They also think by telling people what the other candidate is not doing or not good at, they have sold their strength to the masses. Well, the elections give answers to their obsessive dreams.

There's goodnews for NPP. The innocent blood they spilled is still willing to lead NPP. He is without doubt the opposite of Nana O Nana. Everything that Nana lacked, this man has it. He is no other person than Alan “Cash” Kyeremanteng. I made my simple calculus, averaged his strengths, and statistically sampled his qualities, and the forecast is that he will, without doubt, wrestle power from NDC come 2016. But before that can be achieved, there are many things Alan “Cash” needs to do. Some of these things I have mentioned them in my unsolicited advice in my articles named above [please read them].

In summary, Alan must phase out the 60yrs plus core people and find a background role for them (I am referring to the Marfos, Mpianims, Ankomahs, Bartels, Apprakus, Obetsebes, etc]. Alan must bring onboard smart youths who can match and surpass the zests of Jamals, Ablakwahs, Agyenims, Anhydohos, etc. These young graduates are energetic and can do more of the grassroot work. I can go on to say more but I don't think NPP needs my advice. I am the same old “idiot, stupid, illiterate, surrogate, etc” they have labeled me. NPP must also replace all their communication team, and most of their chapter presidents with literate and eloquent people who can match the likes of Ablakwahs, Agyenims, etc. NPP , lastly, must listen to nonsalaried supporters like myself who speak objectively without regard to traditions.

Despite, I must confess that I share the philosophies of this great party but I just detest the traditional insistence of doing things, and dislike the suppression of people, who in good faith, speak out against what they perceive to be wrong in the party. I am considering to picking up NPP registration at the Houston Chapter IF many of the changes I have proposed will take root. I am so glad that my simplistic analysis of global issues, including the outcome of US elections that I directly tied to the outcome of Ghana's elections worked. I urge everyone to read my three favorite articles that exonerated or at least proved that I reason better than the so called Chairmen of the US Chapters who vehemently took sides. Perhaps they will, at least, give respect to those who talk with facts or learn to aim first before shooting. Those articles were: “Exposed: The Problem With NPP Leadership,” “The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back For NPP” and “Obama for NDC, Romney; etal for NPP.”

Congratulations Mr. John D. Mahama!!!!!!!

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