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4 November 2012 | General News


Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina

The Transport Drivers in the country particularly those plying Lapaz-Circle route have dissatisfaction over the insurance claim by some insurance companies in Ghana.

For them,most of the revenue accrued by the unions are being diverted from their intended purposes to different ventures to serve their personal interests.some times members of the union complain over their insurance claim anytime they had an accident.

In a n advocacy workshop held in Accra last-Friday,the spokesperson for Tiger Transport Union Mr. Pink Asante reiterated the fact that the engagement with their stakeholders is to sentitized their members on how insurance claim policy works and to bring in regulatory body from the NIC to educate its members.

He said Ghana is only when you voice out before people here of you.

Mr. asante made an appeal to drivers and civil society groups to make their voices heard in order to save the various transport unions in the country and also advised drivers not to be use indiscriminately by politicians during the forthcoming general elections in order to maintain peace and unity in the country.

In his presentation the director for National Inssurane Commission Mr.Isaac Yaw Boabeng hinted that the commission have laid a new insurance policy before parliament and is yet to be pass.