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15.10.2003 Regional News

Oncho flies raid Bole

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Bole (N/R), Oct. 15, GNA- The people of Jilinkon in the Bole District, have appealed to the government to find out means of combating oncho flies that have raided the Bole District.

The flies have brought economic activities especially farming in many parts of the district to a halt The Jilinkon Chief, Seidu Ewuntomah who made the appeal at the weekend, said schools were no more effective as both teachers and school children who now wear trousers and long sleeves shirts instead of the prescribed uniform, cannot stay long in classes or concentrate in whatever was taught due to the flies.

The Game and Wildlife Camp in the area has been closed down as most of the staffers have fled due to the flies. The chief noted that most people especially children have now got sores all over their bodies, due to the sting of the flies and was asking for means of combating the flies and medical attention before most of the people go blind.

He appealed to the government to pressurise the contractor working on the road linking the area to Sawla to hasten work on the broken bridge to facilitate movement of locked up foodstuffs, which are getting rotten in the village.

The chief said a nursing mother died leaving her twin babies while crossing the broken down bridge.

He said crops such as yams, cassava, maize and beans as well as livestock were locked up and could not be transported to the marketing centres.

The chief noted that students from the area were still locked up in the village since schools reopened for fear of getting drowned by crossing the broken bridge.

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