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26 October 2012 | Opinion/Feature


Mensah Promise

Togbui, Elders and proud indigenes of the land, “wake up ye who still sleep for the cock crows. It's day already. How long can you sleep and how long do you want to sleep? We can't keep on like this, no, not anymore. I wish we could but the end is only detrimental. We can't keep on pretending day by day that someone somewhere will soon get a change.

Indeed, we are the change we seek. We and only we with all fairness can forge our developmental paradigm. It's our birthright, yes absolutely but what do we see now? From Hohoe to Aflao, Ablekpui to Yama, Keta to Weve, Adaklu andall the nook and cranny of the Volta land, what do we see currently? Dear Volta land have you spoken or visited your comrades, Western land, Eastern land, Ashanti land etc. If you have, then you should have a fair idea where I'm sailing to.

“No one points his left finger to his house of origin”-Akan Proverb. Is that why most of the Voltaland is shrouded in abject penury, misery and poverty and yet no one wants to comment candidly? Are we better of suffering in shame and stupid pride when the whole length and breadth of the country and the world to a larger extent know at their fingertips what we are trying to hide? What is the use of a child having been warned, saying the key is under the doormat but mummy says I shouldn't tell you. We live in a Voltaland where indigenes are afraid to come home, and even if they do come at all, they come in their “second selves”, why? Should your home region scare you? Look across the corporate world, academia and all other spheres, no doubt there are prominent voltarians.some hardly come and some don't at all, why? The few who come don't want to stay for long and if they do, they don't want to open the place up through establishing of businesses and what have you? Do you think there is something amiss here?

Oh yeah, that reminds me, “there is no smoke without fire”, the deities, the deities, the deities, who are they at all? Do they still have absolute dominion over the land? Are indigenes still wary of them? Why should they even when the Light has come and is already in our midst? “I've come to set the captives free”, the light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not. I'm sorry but I believe voltarians subscribe to the latter more readily because of fear. Then I ask what use is fear if it enslaves you forever and prevents you from living at your optimum peak? Are you better of fighting your fear than living in it? Now tell me when the wait will be over, when that long awaited march to total freedom will be started? What time is more appropriate other than now? Put not until tomorrow what you can do today. Maybe it might be worth it if the bloods of some people serve as the cornerstone for thriving future generations. An honorable death than a mediocre living. HE already shed the ultimate blood. How long do you want to be told that? Until something begins nothing will happen.

Then I was quick to ask who will begin and to what end? Maybe we should rely on our politics in Ghana. But my word that is worse than I is no crime to belong to a political party. But is it the mere fun of belonging to a political party that matters or a political party that can bring desired transformation?NDC considers proud Voltaland as their “world bank”, meaning they will win over there automatically no matter what. That alone should tell you we are not much of a priority when it comes to their to-do-list. I'm not in any way trying to tell you proud indigenes of the land to try your luck elsewhere but what really is the point in cultivating a proven barren land? Is it the mere sense of we-feeling or what? Can someone tell me objectively taking into consideration the almost two decades of PNDC and NDC, what has changed in the region vis-a-vis our insane loyalty to the party? Enlighten me, this and that are what we have gained from them.Rawlings in his own assertion during his coup said, we are not fools. I am hereby humbly asking, proud indigenes of the land are we fools too?

I know by now it is already a forgone conclusion that, this piece is one not less of blatant propaganda by a stomach politician, but I'm sorry to inform you all concerned voltarians that I'm an indigene of Volta land too. I should be proud but in these circumstances, I cannot, and I don't care the color of the cat as long as it can catch or get rid of the mice.

Tell me who initiated and sourced for funds from the European Union for the Eastern Corridor road that is to open the Volta land and make it more of a vibrant economic hub? We have been taken for granted for far too long and we're nearing negligible if the trend is not reversed. Road network in the region is bad, economic condition in the region is bad, schools still remain under trees contrary to what the government keeps boasting about on a daily basis. However under the NPP, 6 out of the 23 districts selected to benefit from the Millennium Development Account were from Volta land, as if that was not enough there was a 45 billion face-lift for Ho under the urban II project for 2006/2007 as well as the Mawuli Estates housing project. You can't reap where you did not sow is never too late but it can be too costly whichever way you look at it. The sweetness of the pudding is in the eating of the pudding. Are some serious Christians and discerning indigenes in voltaland respectively? I challenge you to wake up or forever wallow in your slumber. But do remember we can't keep on like this; there comes a time, a season, a moment, when the proud indigenes will rise up and work positively in unison toward their onward developmental birthright. We can't fight individually and expect to win, individual progress at the expense of the voltaland? May Almighty “Mawu” forbid but as for me let's have a united front for change or forever act shamefully individually. Unity is strength. Long live voltaland.Awake and Rise for a new dawn has begun!

By: mensah promise