18.10.2012 Technology


18.10.2012 LISTEN
By Global Media

Ghana, Accra, 18th October 2012: In a unique move to bring quality television experience to its customers and drive access to quality programme for African viewers, Samsung has unveiled the first television set with an integrated satellite receiver, Samsung Free Satellite LED TV.

Specifically designed for the African market, the Samsung Free Satellite LED TV allows consumers to enjoy over 30 English channels and more than 27 French channels at no cost to them. The television set is also fitted with a built-in satellite turner that can be connected directly to the satellite dish without the need for a set-top-box.

Business Leader for Consumer Electronics at Samsung, Vishwas Saxena explains: “Through a deep understanding of our consumer needs and want and the market trends that have become apparent, we designed this tailored made solution to the requirements of our African consumers.” It has a triple protector technology and withstands the impact of humidity, lightening and electricity surge through reduced power dependency. These TVs are also installed by professional trained and accredited installers who understand what it means for our consumers to enjoy an uninterrupted TV experience.

Continues Saxena: An article written Peter Galace on 'Prospects in the Africa Satellite Market' quotes Norbert Hölzle, who now leads the European sales team of SES as saying that “today only one out of three homes in Africa has a TV set, but this number is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. The digital migration in Africa is already being driven by satellite, and the markets are ready and eager for assistance”. Our Built for Africa products under which this satellite TV falls is a premium product that really speaks to the understanding that Samsung has around the challenges our African consumers face – from limited resources, electricity and water for example, to needing true innovation that works with the geographical landscape.”

The Samsung Free Satellite LED TV is available now in all Samsung shops.