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Why You Should Buy Insurance.

By Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada
Princess Osisiadan-QuayeMRS., Operations Manager at Mutual Health Insurance CompanyPrincess Osisiadan-Quaye[MRS.], Operations Manager at Mutual Health Insurance Company
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Deciding whether you need a life saving insurance can be a complicated process and the decision can be harder when you are younger.

Various researches conducted by life insurance experts have all come to prove that persons who bought life saving insurance when they were young made an educated decision.

Making your mind on what type of and how much insurance to buy depends on your financial needs for the future.

You can use life insurance to help protect your family, hard earned estate, to enhance your retirement income and many more.

But your first priority is to help protect your loved ones. Life insurance is one of the most responsible decisions you can make to help ensure that your spouse, children or other loved ones can continue to enjoy the quality of life they deserve.

Some life saving insurance company policy pay a tax free death benefit that your family can use to maintain their current lifestyle, help pay for day-to-day expenses, pay off outstanding loans and debts and cover final expenses such as funerals.

Based on Today's lifestyles the list of types of insurance is interestingly increasing day by day. You will find many new insurance policies which you might have not heard before such as insurance at amusement point.

Meanwhile the main types of insurance policies available in the market are life insurance, property insurance, health insurance, auto or vehicle insurance, travel insurance, credit insurance as well as third party insurance.

Since much has been said about life saving insurance policies in my earlier submission let us tackle the other types of insurance to give you much idea as to what they are for you to make an inform choice.

This insurance helps you to prevent losses against theft, fire, burglary, or any natural calamity like earthquakes, floods and many more.

This policy consists of a package of various types of insurance related health. For example medical insurance is one major part of health insurance however in most of the cases; dental issues are not covered as dental insurance cater for that.

Any financial loss due to accident of a vehicle is covered under the auto insurance policy. Sometimes the expenses on medicines for treating injuries are paid and all other medical expenditure are also covered under this policy.

Loss of personal belongings while traveling, medical coverage delays in the travel are all part of the travel insurance policy.

This type of insurance pays the loans of the policy holder in case of any accident of the policy holder or job loss or death.

Last but not the least, THIRD PARTY INSURANCE, covers damages caused by you [first party] to others [third party].

Among the list, of insurance policies that one can say Ghanaians mostly buy are Vehicle insurance and health insurance with the rest though important not much prioritized.

Anyway Ghanaians should be praised for paying much attention on the health insurance since quality health leads to quality life.

And to provide quality health insurance policy and life saving policy that you can rely on I will recommend Empire Mutual Health Insurance Company to you so you can buy your health insurance from.

Empire Mutual Health Insurance, is a private health insurance company that promotes both private and government medical facilities in Ghana.

The insurance company which is autonomous not-for-profit making organization provide other medical facilities such as pharmacies, laboratories, dentists, and optional services to members of the scheme.

It's vision is to be a class leader in the business of private health insurance in Ghana and beyond whiles it's mission is to be a source of inspiration to clients by ensuring provision of best health care services those unsurpassed on the local market assures clients of quality health care.

Choose Empire Mutual Health Insurance Policy and stop facing complicated processes that can prevent you from making an educated decision of buying insurance.

At Empire Mutual Health Insurance, you are assured of wider provider network, prompt payment of claims, and comprehensive health care, regular medical durbar for members and regular medical screening exercise for members as well.

To enjoy partner them to provide the quality health insurance services that it provides, forward your request to

[email protected] or
fax: 011-233-30-2240136
Telephone: 011-233-244432256 or 011-233-208123017.


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