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03.10.2003 General News

Civilians Attempt Asher Arrest For Alleged Murder

By Joy
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Tears of sorrow rolled down the cheeks of a 21 year old girl, Janet Oforiwa, and her angst-ridden family, as they stormed the Bediako Conference Center of the Teachers Hall to attempt to arrest and protest against Mr. Chris Asher for the murder of their beloved Mr. Ebenezer Ofori Atta in 1982.

The murder charge against Mr. Chris Asher and the calls for his arrest came on the occasion of the launch of his 419-page book Tuesday, on the brutal murder of the three high court judges and the retired major during the PNDC era.

For a moment, the auditorium went dead and Mr. Asher stood speechless and visibly embarrassed as the trembling voice of the 21-year-old girl, who stormed the podium like a poet and poured out her emotional pain on the alleged murder of his father by Mr. Asher. She also accused him of lying to the nation over the murder of her late father, Ebenezer Ofori, a successful businessman at Akim Oda.

“You murderer, why can't you tell the nation the truth? Why are you lying to the people? Why can't you tell the nation that you killed my father?” She said.

The girl, who caused a stir at the launch, continued, “You say the blood of the murdered judges are crying for justice. In the same way the blood of my father is crying for justice. Look at me, I don't have a father and I never saw him before his death. I wish you people were in my shoes, living without a father. Why can't we get justice in this matter?”

Just when security officials who were guarding Mr. Asher were escorting her from the conference hall, the deceased's brother, one Mr. Padmore Kofi Ampadu, who has taken care of all the over 21 children his brother left behind, also entered the conference room from another door and rushed towards Chris Asher, but he was also whisked away by the security agents.

“You people are protecting him. You criminal, what are you doing here? You murdered my brother and sneaked away. If there is no law or police to arrest Mr. Chris Asher, we shall take the law into our hands and deal with him. If you say you are a chief of Osroase then come to the village, you will see what we shall do to you,” he said.

Last month, the family of murdered Mr. Ebenezer Ofori made similar calls for the arrest of Chris Asher

“Arrest and prosecute Chris Asher now, he killed our father, he killed my brother and escaped into self imposed exile while standing trial… Look at me.

“I just turned 21. My father never saw me before his murder because I was then a foetus, my mother died soon after my birth, out of the shock of my father's death. Here I am without a father and a mother all because of one man.” These were some of the sentiments expressed by the family during a Chronicle interview early last month.

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