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29.09.2003 Press Review

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· The Ministry of Energy should not look on while the workers of VRA do things their own way. Legal action should be taken against workers who sabotage the operations at VRA.

· The government should help local road contractors to gain equal access to loans as the foreign ones to enable them compete with them. The local ones are not given big contracts unlike the foreign ones, who are favoured in the award of contracts.

· Road contractors should be paid promptly to avoid the unnecessary abandonment of projects in the country. There are many such projects nationwide which have been abandoned over the years.

· Kofi Wayo can never form a political party in this country. Even if he does, no one will vote for him. His utterances do not befit a person who wants to become a president.

· Workers in Ghana should take decisions on their own and not allow themselves to be used by organised labour to seek their selfish interests. Workers know the toil they go through while at work, so they should fight for their welfare for their own benefit and that of their dependants

· Government does not issue permits to would be visitors to prisons nor does it transfer prisoners. This is the sole responsibility of the prison authorities, who are the managers of the prison system. So no one should blame the government for Kwame Perpah’s woes. GOLD FM PHONE-INS · President Kufuor should know that the buses he imported into the country are not good for Ghana. The fact that they needed to deliver on their promise does not mean any kind of bus should be imported. We do not have much money so the little that we have should not be wasted.

· Dr. Wereko Brobby has resigned but I believe that there was a reason for his resignation. Ghanaians need to know why he resigned. Nothing should be shrouded in secrecy.

· If ex-President Rawlings wants to help the people of Afram Plains why not? He should go ahead with any good project that he has for Ghanaians.

· I think that we as Ghanaians are not truthful to ourselves. Dr. Wereko Brobby has caused financial loss to the state in many ways. Why should he resign without being investigated?

· It’s surprising that the government accepted Dr. Wereko Brobby’s resignation letter. We all know the harm he has caused to Ghana. Since he took over nothing has gone well with the Volta River Authority. In fact Dr. Brobby should be thoroughly investigated.

· We as a people demand to know the contents of the report submitted by the committee that the government set up to investigate the problem at VRA.

· Dr. Wereko Brobby is not above the law. The government should let the law take its course because he has caused financial loss to the state. What is good for NDC officials is equally good for NPP officials. KANAWU · From the way the NPP government is behaving, I believe that in 2004 they will be voted out because they have not delivered on their promises.

· Why has the Ministry of Education up till now not done anything about this extra classes business in schools? Parents are suffering because they have to pay huge school fees as well as extra classes fees. Something should be done immediately.

· Dr. Wereko Brobby has caused financial loss to the state and he must be made to face the law accordingly. 2004 is just around the corner and Ghanaians will decide who to vote for.

· I think the gutters that are being constructed for the Accra-Kumasi road are too small for the kind of road the contractors are constructing. ADOM FM PHONE-INS · The Ministry of Education is the cause of the indiscipline going on in some schools. Inspectors do not go to the schools on inspection as was done formerly. There should be routine checks on all schools.

· Government should put up infrastructure and factories in farming areas, so that the youth in those areas do not go to the urban areas to seek greener pastures which do not exist. These people later turn out to be street children.

· The NDC should not politicise the President’s inability to appear on a VOA programme. We must understand that the US is not Ghana where sirens would be used to clear the way for the President to prevent him from being caught in traffic.

· President Kufuor should be commended for the free spraying exercise and the tightening of border patrols which has made Ghana become the second largest producer of cocoa.

· If President Kufuor should see to it that petroleum prices and utility costs are reduced to the expectation of Ghanaians, we will vote for him in the 2004 elections. Even though Ghana is making some progressive strides, the ordinary Ghanaian cannot make ends meet. PEACE FM PHONE-INS · The media, especially the radio stations, are the cause of the many unnecessary debates on the President’s inability to appear on a VOA programme. Even though an explanation has been given, these radio stations keep highlighting the issue daily.

· It is good to hear “Dr. Asem Fofori”, a known critic of President Kufuor, congratulating the President and accusing those who criticised the President unjustly. Others should learn from him.

· The TUC-led demonstration against the NHIS was just to make the NPP government unpopular. For the TUC, which represents all workers to do this is unhealthy for the workers’ front.

· Those scholars and politicians who are opposed to the NHIS should know that it was from the sweat and toil of cocoa farmers that they had scholarships to finance their education. So if these farmers are also to benefit from free medical care, why are they opposed to it?

· Radio presenters should be able to correct callers on their programmes when they make false statements. Since most listeners believe whatever they hear on air, this will do us all a lot of good.

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