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03.09.2012 Politics

John Mahama Must Be Day Dreaming

By NPP- New York
John Mahama Must Be Day Dreaming
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A divided house will certainly fall. And the current NDC represents the import of this statement.

They have been at the crossroads for the past three and half years, a situation that clearly bespeaks that the harm is already done. Debugging this overdue political damage to enhancing their political fortunes is one that had been expected by many for a very long time.

But apparently, political power has impercepted all those who were in the capacity to ensure halcyon in the NDC – including President John Mahama himself. So for him to be espousing the essence and presence of former President Rawlings at the NDC Special Congress clearly exposes his hypocritical nature; an attitude that is simply not good for the high office.

Some of the questions that came to mind were:
• Where was John Mahama when the Rawlingses and their close associates were vilified?

• What has changed so much within the political landscape for John Mahama – in this last hour – to realize that Rawlings is a force to reckon with, and as such, must be accorded the necessary respect?

These are food for thought!
But the apple of discord of this piece is when the president in his address to the delegates and the entire nation, kept reiterating the point – as if he was day dreaming – that the December election is a one-touch victory for him and the NDC. What actually crossed my mind in the face of those jocular pronouncements was:

• Does he think that Ghanaian electorates are gullible?

It was utterly laughable, feelingless, and humbugging for John Mahama to be proposing a one-touch victory for himself when the ordinary Ghanaian is aware of the stellar promises made by the NDC in the run-up to the 2008 elections – but which have turned out to be sheer fallacies: the “one-time premium payment” for National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) among others were their flagship campaign messages. These were proposed to improve the livelihood of the people, but are still in limbo.

The NDC's promise of fighting corruption tooth and nail has been slapped with Woyomegate, CPgate, Rockshellgate, Isofotongate among other stinking corrupt scandals that took place under his watch as the Vice president, while Amajarogate, the “419” STX deal, and the unsuccessful Embrae E190 fraudulent deal, hang on his own neck. Do not forget, that, GHC 642 million has fraudulently been paid as Judgment Debts so far, while the masses wallow in abject poverty.

The unprecedented highfaluting debt which has been incurred by his government (and will be paid by generation yet unborn), but had found its way into the pockets of his (government) officials is still lingering on the minds of Ghanaians. Come to think of this, do John Mahama and the NDC think that the lies and the deception that were peddled around the late President Mills's health have been forgotten by Ghanains? No! It's still fresh on their minds. On that premise alone, Ghanaians know that he (John Mahama) and the NDC lack the integrity and credibility to be trusted with the soul and spirit of our nation. Simply put; they are wicked liars and deceivers!

On the other hand, having selected no other partner than Amissah Arthur, who had supervised over the wanton depreciation of the cedi that has propelled absurd increase in the cost of living, is in itself a defeatist choice.

Ghanaians are not credulous, and cannot be taken for a jolly ride.

In these – NDC created – difficult and 'hard' times of our nation, if indeed, John Mahama could tickle himself and laugh, by proposing a one-touch victory for the NDC, then he must be day dreaming or had been living on another planet – but not on this earth, and certainly not Ghana.

Ghanaians are in the known now –but just on the quiet with their “kokromoti” power – ready to vote out visionless John Mahama and the NDC who are full of incompetence, deceit, and corruption – come December 7th.

Amponsah Stonash
Communications Directorate
NPP- New York .

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