The Kwahu North District has a population of about 154,046 people and covers an area of 5,040 square kilometers peninsular between the river Afram and the Volta. Donkorkrom is the capital town of the District. About 25% of the population is settling around the Donkorkrom market. The rest of the population is scattered in villages and hamlets spread over the inland area, as well as hundreds of villages on the island which can only be reached by boat or canoe. The District is largely an agriculture area with about 80% of the population engaged in peasant farming of yam, maize, cassava and other food crops, with a few engaged in trading and fishing.

I am appealing to the President H.E John Dramani Mahama, the minister of Roads and Industry and the Minister of rural and local development to treat all district capitals and even the other communities in Ghana equally

I am saying this because after observing the District Capital of Afram Plains (Donkorkrom) and it surrounding communities , you will realized that there is lack of infrastructure such as proper transportation system, proper drainage system, proper market place for farmers to even go and sell their farm produce and external support for farmers. You realized that most of the District Capitals in Ghana do not face such problems; it is therefore unfair for Donkorkrom in the Afram Plains which happens to be one of the leading producers of maize, yam, and other food stuffs to feed our dear mother Ghana, to be neglected by the Government

I was poignant when I heard it that about sixty percent of our country population is engage in Agriculture but we cannot produce to feed our selves , simple because if people who would be involved in Agriculture would be treated this way, bad roads, lack of Capital to invest into the farming , lack of incentives for farmers, lack of proper place for farmers to even go and sell their farm produce.

The unborn and the youth would ran away from Agricultural

I would therefore be very glad as a concern citizen of Afram Plains, if President John Dramani Mahama, minister of Road and Industry and the Minister of Rural and Local Development comes to our aid

By a concerned citizen of Afram Plains

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By: Dr. Samuel Kennedy A