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“Murder at the Castle”. … But the President also Lied.

“Murder at the Castle”.   … But the President also Lied.
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President Richard Milhous Nixon was impeached on account of a gargantuan cover up operation he personally supervised at the White House. If it had happened in Ghana, some people would have questioned the motive behind the colossal amount of money and time spent on such “fruitless” venture. They would have asked whether the conclusion would put food on the table. Such people would have forgotten that Government spent money on people to go round to collate views as to whether or not our oil should be collateralized. At the end of the exercise, the overall view was that it shouldn't! But what did we see? Government went ahead and did the very opposite of what the people had kicked against.

The crux of the matter was that President Nixon had lied to the nation. To the American people, it was a 'crime' of such a gargantuan nature that the President had to pay for it. He was impeached.

Over here in Ghana, a similar scenario is being re-enacted right before our very “korokoro” eyes. A well orchestrated “murder” of our “Fante” and “adze wo fie a oye” proponent has taken place and people are telling us to the face that we should shut up. They can tell others to shut up, but not me! Our “dzi wo fie asem” of a President was “murdered” by the very people he had trusted and surrounded himself with. On what basis am I saying this? Wait, I will tell you.

Johnson Asiedu Nketiah's account: The General Secretary of the Nefarious Destructive Cancer, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, a.k.a General Mosquito, said it loud and clear on air that the former President, Late Prof. John Evans Atta Mills died on the morning of Tuesday, 24th July, 2012 and not at 2.15p.m as was announced by President John Dramani Mahama. This time was foisted on Ghanaians and exactly at 2:15pm during the one week celebration of his death, we stopped whatever we were doing, stood at attention with eyes closed and in a prayerful mood observed between one and two minutes silence for the repose of the soul of our departed President.

President John Mahama's account: He too said it loud and clear on the very day that he was sworn in as President that he and Mr Martey Newman, Chief of Staff at the Presidency had been given an assignment by the late President in the morning. On their return to the Castle they had reported at his office to intimate him about the successful completion of the exercise. They had found him in good health. He did not say so explicitly, but I can say in all sincerity that they had found “the old man” in good health, judging by the account of our new President while announcing the death of his predecessor and boss.

Did the President actually see the living Prof. John Evans Ata Mills or his ghost? It surprises me that our new President did not “pick race” when he met someone resembling the late President sitting behind the presidential desk. Please, do not get me wrong. The President had not at this time given us any indication that his predecessor was ill. So we can assume that to the then Vice President John Dramani Mahama, the late President was in his best health conditions.

President John Dramani Mahama must be a very courageous person indeed! Who will not “pick race” on seeing a ghost? But the man who describes himself as a “young, agile, and energetic president of 54 years ” did not! “Sir, its me, your second in command, John Dramani Mahama,(OFFTWBSS) reporting of successful completion of assignment, Sir. I am asking for permission to depart to my office. Shall I do so, Sir?” Silence.

As far as I am concerned and going by Asiedu Nketiah's account, what President Mahama saw behind the desk of President Mills might have been the ghost of the dead President and not his living being! It is either Asiedu Nketiah is not giving us a true version of President Mills' death or our new President is not telling Ghanaians the truth. Which is which? Obviously both of them cannot be right or wrong at the same time. But who is the witness of truth and who is lying to the nation?

Something is just not right: This has to do with the account by Dr. Cadman Atta Mills, a brother of the late President. Analyze this scenario and tell me what is missing here: Your brother suffers a massive Stroke, lifts up his hands and says “Lord I leave it all to you” and dies a few moments afterwards. For some inexplicable reasons you chose not to accompany the two persons who took your brother to the 37 Military Hospital. Does this happen in the real world? What sort of relationship existed between the deceased President and his junior brother? Dr. Cadman has to come out on this as it is logical that his brother died in his presence. He should tell the nation precisely where this massive stroke and prayer took place. Was it at the Castle or at the Military Hospital? When was he called to the brother's side and by who was he called? 

The mother of all revelations: At the end of the interment of the late President, Dr. Cadman, the junior brother of the deceased unleashed his bombshell.” My brothers and sisters, far from what you suspect, my late brother died from massive stroke” Repeat. Did you say “massive”? “Massive, not mild! That was what I said”. Before we could recover from this, another one of a much more gargantuan scale awaited us. “Before he died, President Mills raised his hands and said 'God, I give all to you' “. Oh 'Atala Nyamo eei'. God have mercy on us. Just like Baba Jamal said… The President raised his eyes to the heavens and said,”Awurade Nyankopon, hu me mmobo” A few minutes after these word were uttered, the floods receded to their normal level. Is he telling Ghanaians of sound mind that somebody with massive stroke, not a mild one, was able to lift up his two hands to utter those words? Most Ghanaians are laymen, not medical doctors, but we are neither fools nor 'mumus'. I stand to be corrected, but my layman's knowledge in medicine tells me that a person suffering from massive stroke will be unable to make use of his limbs the way Dr. Cadman has described it. A person suffering from stroke can talk but often the voice is not audible and one has to strain his ears before one can hear what is being said. Most often, the sentences are disjointed. This often happens with a mild stroke so I expect that involving massive stroke to be worst. Can stroke kill in a matter of minutes? 

Dr. Cadman's account does not rhyme: If the brother of our late President thought he could fool Ghanaians with such an 'ananse' story, then he got it all wrong. This account contravenes President Mahama's own account of the death of the president. It however corroborates that of Johnson Asiedu Nketiah that the President died in the early hours of Tuesday, 24th July, 2012. Was Cadman Atta Mills present when his brother the President died? If he was not present, how did he know how the President died? Already, the sister has told us it was his brother who called to tell her that their brother had been rushed to the 37 Military Hospital. He did not accompany those who had rushed his late brother to the hospital. So how did he come by such an 'ananse' story he was forcing down the throats of Ghanaians? Whom does he take Ghanaians for? People with robotized mindsets? No, he had better revised his notion about the intelligence and mentality of the average Ghanaian.

He said and made that gesture in the presence of the President and other foreign dignitaries! And the President said nothing?

Attempt to equate late President with Jesus Christ: What does he mean by his brother raised his hands and said …. Was he comparing him with Stephen the martyr or attempting to elevate him to Jesus Christ? At the cross, the last words of Jesus Christ were, “Father, into Your Hands I commit my spirit”

What Dr. Cadman Atta Mills said at the burial grounds was blasphemous and ought to have been condemned by the many clergy there assembled.

The mother of all Blasphemies: The so called “Everlasting Message” said to have been authored by the late President Mills should be regarded as a wicked plot hatched against both the Christian and Islamic Religions. It reads

“I came to serve. I have finished my time on earth and have moved on to everlasting rest and celestial duties with my heavenly father. As you leaf through these pages of my life story, I pray to God that it touches you in many positive ways. Weep not for me, for I am not dead.

“I am alive and awake in the Lord. Ghana will not die. Ghana will live to declare the works of the Lord. As I rest in perfect peace in the celestial realms with my maker, I pledge to always uphold and defend the good name of Ghana. Remember the Lord in all your ways and he will protect you.

“Stay well, my brothers and sisters, for I will always be with you!”

The message was supposedly signed by the late President.

Gargantuan fraud of the highest order: As already stated, this is a grand and wicked design of a plot hatched against the two major religions in the country. I am shocked that the numerous Pastors, Ministers and Imams from gargantuan congregations have allowed such charade of blasphemous documents to be circulated in their presence. Where were all our Lords, both temporal and spiritual? Didn't they see anything wrong with the document? Perhaps the death of the president weighed so much on them that they felt the proper thing to do under the circumstances was to keep quiet. But now that the funeral is over, I would suggest they took a second look at the document and come out with their condemnation.

Only God determines the fate of his creation. The late President was a human being. He was not God. Human beings make mistakes and the late President indeed did make many mistakes, especially the sacking of Dr Kwabena Frimpong Boateng.

Even the Apostle Paul did not arrogate to himself the crown of life. He stated that he had “fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me that day” (2 Tim.4:7). Nobody knows a thing about God's mercy. One of the two armed robbers who were executed with Jesus was pardoned by Jesus at the hour of his death. And so for the Late President or his agents provocateur to write that he, Late President Mills was enjoying eternal bliss in the bosom of our Heavenly Father is neither here nor there. The prerogative of where the soul of an individual goes after death is that of our Maker and not with that individual.

How does the President purge himself and the nation of the contempt that has been committed against God? What remedies are open to the president to purge himself and the nation from such gargantuan fraud and contempt committed in the name of God? The Everlasting Message is the greatest fraudulent act against Christianity and Islam in recent times. The document, from what the blasphemers would make us believe was authored by the President himself. What such people forget is that we have a living God who answereth by fire and will give unto every individual what he/she deserves at the appointed time.

Nobody can kill the soul: The powers that be can arrest and clamp some gargantuan charges on me for saying the truth, but they cannot destroy my soul. The late President Mills told Ghanaians that he would hand over “peacefully” in 2017, but he did not even live long enough to complete his first term of office. Again sycophants of the late President said it loud and clear that the late President would retire Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo from politics. Nana Addo is alive and the late President has been 'retired permanently' from politics. Such people should realize that we live in a wonderful world where anything can happen.

Arrest perpetrators of this fraudulent act: Why are the evil minded persons who committed this coup d'état against mother Ghana walking the streets of the country as free men and women? Are they telling us that the late President knew he was going to die and so wrote that testimony? If that is the truth, then they should engrave it on his tomb as his epitaph. What do you think foreign dignitaries who attended the funeral and burial ceremonies would think of Ghanaians if they read such message which formed part of the funeral/burial brochure? A nation of “unserious-minded bigots”! That will be their conclusion.

An immediate investigation is needed: The President, as a matter of urgency should order an immediate investigation into the source of the document which formed part and parcel of the funeral ceremony. If it is found out that it is fraudulent in nature, the perpetrators of this gargantuan deceit should be arrested and brought to book. And that of course include the clergy and the presidency. There should be no sacred cows.

Revisit some actions of the late President: If investigations bring out the fact that the late president's signature on the “Everlasting Message” was fraudulently obtained, then it will be prudent for us to question some of his actions and directives. Was it truly the late President who demoted Mahama Ayariga after the struggle for supremacy between him and Koku Anyidoho? What about the removal of some D/MCEs, especially that of Ga South Municipal Assembly. A bird whispered into my ears that his removal was orchestrated by the troubler of Odododiodoo and hater of the Akan race, Nii Lante Vanderpuye. And if we are to believe what people are saying/inferring, does it mean that People forged the signature of the then President and issued directives and instructions purported to have come from him? Or were they obtaining his signature in advance on blank letter headed paper like blank cheques?

Was a live cow buried at the Castle? Rumors making the rounds have it that a live cow was buried at the precincts of the Castle when the late President left for 'routine medical check-up' in the United States. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of this revelation but it is gaining currency. If you ask me of the source I cannot say but it is in the air and the earlier the Castle came out with a statement on it the better it would be able to repair its dented image.

What is the NDC afraid of? Why is it that the NDC as a party is strongly opposed to having an investigation into the death of the President who was the leader of their contraption? Is it afraid that a Pandora's Box would be opened? The other day on Metro TV during the newspaper review session of the Good Morning Ghana program, the sulking and “irresponsible” CEO of the Ghana Free Zone Board whose infinitesimal brain is infested with the insult bug ordered Yaw Buabeng Asamoah to shut up for suggesting that President Mahama should order an inquiry into the circumstances resulting in the death of late President Mills. Hear him. “How dare you? You lost the parliamentary primaries of your party in your constituency. How dare you challenge the President?” he squirmed.

What Kwadwo Twum Boafo, who is alleged to have slept with his step mother and later pulled a gun on his old man who was enraged at such a gargantuan sacrilege of the son using his own pestle to pound the mortar which the old man of a father had been penetrating with his not too strong pestle seems to forget is that the ubiquitous and medusa headed hydra called Koku Anyidoho who capriciously doesn't want to see Kufuor's face used a similar expression “Let Nana dare” on Akufo Addo. Today where is he?

A ghost worker at the Castle: A bird whispered into my ear that a ghost worker is at the Castle which serves as Seat of Government. I asked him who that person is and he quickly mentioned the name of the bully, Koku Anyidoho. I couldn't help but agree with him. With the appointment of John Abu Jinapor as Spokesperson for President Mahama, what is Koku Anyidoho doing at the Castle? Is he not a ghost worker? President Mahama should do the most honourable thing by putting a freeze on his salary with effect from August this year.

The Nefarious Destructive Cancer including President John Dramani Mahama are strongly opposed to a public enquiry into the death of the late President, yet they fully endorse the EC decision to force the creation of 45 new constituencies on the electorate and we have barely three and half months to this gargantuan elections. What is the NDC afraid of? 

There have been precedents: The Ya Na was killed in battle and President Kufuor set up a Commission of enquiry. When the late President Mills assumed power he re-opened the case and arrested members from only one faction in the conflict. Four members of the NPP were butchered to death right in front of the Police Post at Agbogbloshie market. We have shouted to the highest heavens and the NPP has given the police names of perpetrators of that heinous crime, but no action has been taken.

My brother lost his wife at Ridge Hospital and I wrote a lengthy account of the negligence of staff at the Hospital but no action was taken. Less than one month after the demise of my brother's wife, the Deputy Minister of Energy also lost his wife under bizarre circumstances, and pronto, the late President ordered an investigation into the death of the Deputy Minister's wife. It wasn't the family of the deceased that said they wanted an investigation. It was an Executive Fiat and it was done.

Why cant we give the same “treatment” to our Number One Citizen whose death has so many unanswered questions surrounding it?

Questions the president should answer: Ghanaians and I have raised many issues concerning the death of our late president which we want answers to. If President John Dramani Mahama is a patriot and God fearing, and loves his former boss the way he wants the entire world to believe, he should not deny his former boss the “kind gesture” he (late President Mills) had extended to the deceased wife of a junior Minister serving in his government. The President, if he is truly God-fearing and a democrat should look Ghanaians in the eye and swear by the Holy Bible that indeed, the late President was taken to the hospital in an ambulance which was escorted by Dispatch Riders and not in a four wheel drive vehicle as is being rumored about. Let him tell us that his former boss indeed died at 2: 15pm and not in the morning of Tuesday, 24th July, 2012 as alleged by Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, General Secretary of the Nefarious Destructive Cancer. Let the President swear by our “Ntamkese” that indeed his former boss sent him and the Chief of Staff on an errand on the morning of the day of his demise and that it was the living boss, not the ghost of his former boss he had reported back on successful completion of the assignment. Let the brother of our late President give a vivid and detailed account of the last three hours of the former President on earth.

Mr President, let all those on duty at both the Castle and the 37 Military Hospital on the day the President was alleged to have died make themselves available for questioning. It is only by doing this that Ghanaians will accept you as a free-minded President who will not be subjected to manipulations at the hands of hawks, vultures, venomous vipers, snarling and hissing snakes, wolves, rabid and vicious dogs masquerading under the guise of party apparatchiks.

And above all, be truthful unto yourself and your Creator. On public enquiry we stand. Do not Deny Ghanaians this request, Mr. President.

On a very serious note some Ghanaians think and believe that the late President was seen as a liability to the ruling Party on account of his failing health against the rigors and demands of the December general elections. The fear of this liability and the reality that their political opponents were waiting to take them on squarely for that against the constant assurance of the late President's good health by his handlers and close aides set them to do serious mathematics. The answer to the calculation was the elimination of the good old Prof (the Liability). After all what is the soul of one Liability Professor of Law compared to the souls of Three High Court Judges and a Military Officer when an election is at stake?

A Public or Judicial enquiry as being demanded will do the President and his Ruling Party a lot of good. This advice is free and very candid. 

DANIEL DANQUAH DAMPTEY ([email protected]) 0243715297.

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