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Without God Everything Is Useless

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18 August 2012 | Opinion/Feature

They all came from far and near to pay their last respects to the illustrious and peaceful son of the land, Prof. Evan Atta Mills.

Two very important personalities from two-sister countries namely Nigeria and Zimbia were also in the country to mourn with us.

The two personalities, Chinedu from the Eastern part of Nigeria and Ndlovu from Zambia, have some attachment to Ghana and the death of our former President gave them the opportunity to come to do something special.

Ndlovu's father was a freedom fighter from the former Northern Rhodesia in the south of the African continent who was sent to the newly independent Ghana, the then 'Shining Star' of Africa to undertake some training.

In Accra, he met my uncle, who was one of the young Convention People's Party (CPP) radicals. When the first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was in prison, they rallied behind influential comrades like the late K.A. Gbedemah to campaign.

The father later married a Ghanaian lady and they had a son and a daughter. However, they relocated after the 1966 coup.

As a young boy, the Zambian remembered vividly the famous Arena Park at Korle Wokon in Central Accra.

So after the burial of the Asomdwenhene, he asked me to send him to the place which has now been turned to a 'lorry park.' At Arena, the fifty-plus Ndlovu stood at a corner and wept silently. To avoid embarrassment, he requested that we go back home.

Chinedu, the second guy from Eastern Nigeria, also had a very telling story.  His parents lived in Koforidua in the Eastern region in the 1960s and they were the neighbors of my aunt and her husband.

Chinedu's father was a well-known businessman at the time.  Life was good for the family as Ghana at the time was accommodating large number of aliens.

However, Chinedu's family had a traumatic experience when during the Second Republic, all aliens without proper documents, were forced to leave Ghana.

Chinedu was just then a toddler and during their journey back to Nigeria, the mother died of cholera at the border near Lome in the Republic of Togo and to add salt to injury, the weak aunt, who was carrying Chinedu at the back, let Chinedu to fall from her back in the process. The small Chinedu twisted his leg and since then he limps while walking.

Reaching home after a long tortuous journey, Chinedu's family entered a war-torn village which had been devastated by the Nigerian civil war. It was a horrible experience for the growing Chinedu.

Thankfully and by God's grace, Chinedu is a big international businessman today, but he bore a very big grudge against Ghana because of the bitter experience.

He became a good born-again Christian but despite his incredible wealth, he was an unhappy man.

One day at a service in his church, a visiting pastor told him that the spirit of bitterness was tormenting him and if he did not forgive all the people he had hatred for, he would continue to be miserable despite his huge wealth.

Moreover, the pastor told him that he would miss heaven if he continues to hate those people who hurt him and his family.

When he asked the pastor what he needed to do, the man told him to go to Ghana and stand at a place, it could be his hotel room and forgive those who hurt his family and it would be well with him. It was a very difficult decision to take.

On 24 th July this year, Ghana lost her cherished leader and Chinedu told me that when he heard the news, he was at that time in Abuja, stressing that a voice asked him to go to Accra, Ghana to attend the funeral of the late President.

He said he knew it was the Holy Spirit that talked to him. But he wondered how he would be able to lay a flower near the tomb of the Ghanaian leader as he was a common citizen of Nigeria.

He told me that the inner voice continued to tell him to go as the Bible says that with God all things are possible.

So Chinedu quickly bought an air ticket and came to Ghana on Monday and two days after the burial of our late President, Chinedu was among hundreds of people who put flowers near the tomb of the Asomdwenhene and there he prayed and forgave all people who made his family suffer.

He removed it and washed everything away with the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Chinedu said after the prayer, an extraordinary joy overwhelmed him.

In the afternoon of the same day, Chinedu had a call from his business partner in Norway telling him that they had won a big contract worth millions of dollars to supply equipment to the Asian nation of Brunei. Another call came from Australia for another contract.

My dear readers, by the close of the day, 10 contract calls came through from various parts of the globe.

I have therefore concluded that without God everything is useless.

Finally, my dear readers if anyone is feeling bitter against somebody who has done you wrong and you are finding it very difficult to forgive the person, kindly move to Asomdwee Park when it is fully opened and pray to God to remove the bitterness from your heart to enable you to forgive your fellow man or woman.

Surely, the Almighty God would grant your request.

By Amos Amaglo

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author(s) and do not neccessarily reflect those of Modern Ghana. Modern Ghana will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article." © Daily Guide

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