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My Accra, Our Capital City.

17 August 2012 | Feature Article

Countries all over the world have their capitals, but i love my capital city, Accra because it is one of a kind with its unique sights and sounds. Our capital city is made up of people from all the ethnic groups in Ghana, and you will be amazed as to how all these people from diverse backgrounds are able to mingle and coexist side by side with each other. Several features make my Accra very unique. First lets talk about the transport system. There are all kinds of cars being used for public transport in the capital city. But two types popularly known are the 'trotro' or 'troskies' and the taxi cabs. Just recently the motorbikes also joined the system. This is known as 'okada'. Though this mode of transportation is illegal in our country, many people who are in a hurry to get to their various destinations often patronise the services of these 'okada' drivers.The 'trotro' drivers have their assistants who are known as 'mates'. Anytime a driver's mate has an argument over change or the fare with a passenger, the drivers often support their assistants, and it is just in a few instances where the driver calls his assistant to order.But the mate's job is not an easy one, you need to have a good voice because it involves a lot of shouting and you need to be an expert otherwise you end up loosing your voice at the end of the day. These mates later graduate into drivers. Accra is also full of nightclubs and entertainment centres. There is the Aphrodisiac Nigthclub, Rockstone's Office, Bella Roma, Macumba,and the plush Citizen Kofi at Osu, in fact, the list is endless. You will never be bored anytime you come to the capital city and want to enjoy the nightlife to the maximum. You can party or club till the next morning and still ask for more. You will also find a most of the banks on the High Street and the restaurants on the famous Oxford Street at Osu where entertainment takes centre stage during festive occasions. The Kotoka International Airport is also an entry point for foreigners who travel by air into the country. The plush Accra Shopping Mall has really changed the way people in my Accra shop as it has become a major shopping centre where one feels comfortable and can get every item that one is craving for. But hey, my Accra is a "Big Watermelon" with many seeds, and as every part of this fruit is important, likewise every inhabitant and thing in our capital city. So the next time you are in the capital city of Ghana, Accra, look out for the sights and sounds because you are going to enjoy yourself to the maximum.

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