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15 August 2012 | Editorial

Peace, Stability And Development

For a country to make any meaningful progress, there must be peace and stability as no country in the world can develop without these two important ingredients.

Ghana over the past years has enjoyed a high level of political stability and this to a large extent has helped us in our development effort. This also tells us that we are beginning to show some level of maturity in our political activities.

The death and burial of President John Evans Atta Mills have also added another new dimension in our effort to seek peace and stability in whatever we do. This means that as Ghanaians, we have a duty to consciously work towards peace if we want to attract trade and foreign investments to enhance our economic growth and development.

Again, the death and burial have thought us that it never pays to spew hot words, words which only go to hurt others and bring disunity, rancor, bitterness, animosity, hostility, violence and acrimony. As Ghanaians, we must from today be guided by decorum and civility in our public discourse.

The Graphic Business therefore calls on all political leaders as well as opinion leaders to generate excitement, hope, prosperity, a sense of purpose and dignity; leaders who would serve as the beacon of decency and decorum for the youth of this country.

Loose talk, vilification, defamation and reckless behaviour, mediocrity and irresponsibility should not become the ideology of our body politick.

We must begin to tell the outside world that Ghanaians are very matured and are capable of handling their political and economic activities in a civil manner.

Our politicians especially members of the NDC and the NPP must desist from engaging in the exchange of abusive language which has the tendency to derail the peace and stability we Ghanaians have been enjoying.

We are all living witness to the events in Rwanda, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and recently Cote d’Ivoire and Mali and nobody wants such nasty events to take place in this country.

It therefore behoves on every Ghanaian to remember that the nation is bigger than every one of us and whatever we do, we must pause and think if that will enhance peace, stability and development.

quot-img-1America is land of the free, home of the poor!!!

By: jack smith quot-img-1