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July 30, 2012 | Press Release

MPs Root for Goozie Tanoh as Veep

Gilbert Sparks

We mourn the loss of our president. One who effortlessly stood out! His principles were peculiar and his modesty contagious. This is an unfortunate inclusion in Ghana's history, the death of a seating president. Ghana and indeed Africa has lost a man of impeccable political stature; a selfless, people-oriented politician who has the heart to impact on the society.

While we mourn his unfortunate departure, the process of governing the Ghanaian state has to continue. Once again, Ghana added a feather to her cap by incorruptibly following the constitution; swearing in a succeeding president within 6hours of the announcement of the death of the incumbent. The process however is not over.

The world looks on at how we will go through with the process of appointing a vice president. Ghanaians look on for the impact, credibility and experience the vice president brings to play. And the NDC looks forward to a vice president that can continue the race for presidency when the time arises.

We, Mobile Parliamentarians, (MPs) a social-media based forum of journalists, with the aim of echoing pertinent issues from an apolitical angle through analytical reportage and discussions would like to emphatically declare our support for the candidature of one man that we know the cap fits, Goosie Tanoh.

Many names had come up for the seat of the vice president. As expected, many worthy names. Apart from each person's accomplishment, they are all marred with various controversial incidents. Though we know this is labelled a party affair, we believe that at this time, the position of a vice president is more of a national than party affair.

One would ask why Goosie Tanoh. The answer therein is why not! Goosie Tanoh is a candidate that was once a golden boy of the party in the 1990s. When you look around, his charisma, and personality appeals to many Ghanaians NDC and non-NDC alike. We believe the youthfulness of President John Dramani Mahama and the public acceptance of Goosie Tanoh, will not only better the lot of the party, but will be a unifying ground for the nation to ride on and reach greater heights.

Goosie Tanoh is a man of principle. His disengagement from the party and later willing and humble return to the party after starting his own party, NRP, is a display of his commitment to serve under any authority as long as it follows the principles of uprightness and public interest.

During his active political life, he was a member of the consultative assembly, which drafted the 1992 constitution as a representative of a grassroots based Committee for the Defence of the Revolution.

He was the chairman for the forum for sustainable development, an umbrella organisation that incubated, developed and substantially contributed to the formation and victory of the NDC in 1992. He simultaneously served as secretary of NDC campaign committee.

As a businessman, he engaged the would-have-been petty traders, providing an international platform for their trade, when he pioneered the packaging and exportation of Cassava chips from West Africa to the EU exporting several thousand tonnes, between 1994 and 2000. He equally pioneered the exportation of Groundnut to the EU market, achieving strong market recognition for Groundnuts and increasing market interest for the products. He has worked in the energy sector serving as board member in several companies including, HMM Marine, Power and Energy.

With these achievements, he has proven that he is an idea broker and an implementer who has the capacity to conceptualise and see projects through. His experience with small scale traders and highbrow oil and gas business will be a plus to restructuring the Ghanaian economy.

Ghana has attained unprecedented political heights. The climax will be the selection of a vice president that compliments the President and orchestrates progression of the state.

Long live Ghana!!!
Jeorge Wilson Kingson
(SPEAKER - 0244822034)
Kojo Nkansah
(CHIEF WHIP - 0287222299)

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