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27 July 2012 | Opinion/Feature


Charles Augustus Sam

For quite a period, Ghana and indeed most African countries have not structured nor institutionalized development roles for the youth in nation building. Yes in the past, the nation operated an unstructured situation without clearly set out categorizations and mandates for the youth as in other developed regions of the world. However, in recent times, a very comprehensive youth development policy and implementation plan have been crafted, with systemic corrections already pushed in the reform mill.

For these developments to have happened, advocates like myself in a joint effort with other progressives who by the grace of God have had the benefit of global research, global knowledge, and global travel, had to forcefully sound the alarm bells, create national awareness as to what was at stake, had to bring light and expose the darkness we have been in for decades, and push for rapid radical change through all effective mediums. Rather surprisingly, some social networking brothers and sisters in the diaspora are of the opinion that we are doing all talk and no action. Interesting.

I am a serious advocate of diaspora engagement in national development because I sincerely believe that their intellectual resourcefulness, material resources, and connection-networking strength will bring our rapid transformation agenda up to speed. However, I have a few issues with a certain fixation of attitude portraying "super-superior mindsets" by some of these brothers and sisters literally looking "way down" on a seemingly "brainless bunch" and their unwillingness to pay the hard but necessary price to share the development knowledge gathered in developed nations nor offer concrete solutions from their bases around the world. Non - constructive, spirit - killing criticisms and outright blanket condemnation seems to be the consistent DNA pattern running through them. How many of them out there are truly willing to come down into the mud to fight through the daily individual, collective or systemic frustration to deliver results? Sitting out there, playing GOD and spewing the know-it-all attitude on social media and the wider Internet platform, is the real cheap talk, not what relentless fighters on the continent trapped in any challenges. They ought to come down and get on the ground to see how young people all over the place who have not had the benefit of a structured system and relevant, quality, rounded education, are making their voices heard, are innovating, creating and inventing as well as going through living hell. See them fighting against all odds and taking destiny into their hands to succeed. The game is to share knowledge that inspires them through hard, intelligent and impacting talk that also stimulates into concrete action. It is offering workable solutions and firing them out them out of the inferiority and disbelief trap. Conscientizing and knowledge/information injection is a crucial necessity to lift them out of hopelessness into successful action, and this comes through sensible talk. Many projects on this potentially great continent have ineffective and even failed because of inadequate preparation of the actors on the part of the promoters.

Despite the resevoir of knowledge some of us possess in youth development, business development, investment promotion, and nation building, we seek for more to pump knowledge into Ghana and other African nations where we are actively on the ground practically solving problems with our own finances generated from operating businesses of ours. We are dealing with the comprehensive situation so you you all out there can deal with micro situations, projects, businesses etc. After the difficult activities and travels of the day, we have to sacrifice our sleep at night to communicate and synergize ideas via this medium. We acknowledge the frustrating challenges, sometimes unwarranted stumbling blocks and senseless drags, but at the expense of becoming failed continent, we have no choice but to sacrifice our present for a golden future. What do we do to but to confront and solve the problem? That should be our collective focus.

Someone has to pay the price and I will. My prayer is that you would understand, see the light and be prepared to get in the mud (either from your bases abroad or moving here on the ground) to bring out the gold from within our land. The God-given of taking Africa into her promise responsibility rests with the new generation and we must succeed. I hope you will not take this as a rebuke nor as a personal attack. Yes we can! God bless Ghana and Africa.

Charles Augustus Sam, CEO, Golden Future Promotions, Accra - Ghana. Tel : +233 244 685689 Email : [email protected]

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