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10.09.2003 Crime & Punishment

Armed robbers cut off driver's forefinger

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Abidjan-Nkwanta (Ash), Sept. 10, GNA- A gang of five armed robbers who stormed Abidjan-Nkwanta, near Aputuogya in the Bosomtwe-Atwima-Kwanwoma District on Tuesday, chopped the forefinger of a 32-year-old driver as punishment for not keeping enough money in his room.

They took away the only 150,000 cedis he has in the room, which was in a bag containing the clothes of his two-year-old daughter.

Narrating his ordeal to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Mr Mohammed Alhassan, the driver, said at about midnight on Tuesday while asleep, he heard an unusual noise 0outside the door to his room.

He said when he enquired about who was it, two men wielding rifles and flashlights broke through the door and demanded that he should surrender all the money he had on him.

Alhassan said when he told them that he had no money, one of the robbers ordered his colleague to shoot him but on realising that he has a wife and a child, they decided to cut off his forefinger for not keeping money on him after which they brought him, the wife and child out of the room and ordered them to sleep on the floor.

He said from his room, they broke into the landlady's room and took away her new wax print, and then proceeded to the children's room where they took away 30,000 cedis.

Mr Asom Kuffuor, the landlady's brother who was in another room, said the robbers threatened to kill him if he did not give them all the money he had on him. He then gave them 100,000 cedis. Not satisfied with the amount, they took away his tape recorder.

Mr Kuffuor said the robbers left at about 0200 hrs after which Alhassan, who was bleeding profusely to the Pramso hospital where he was treated and discharged.

When the GNA contacted the Jachie police, they said no report has been made to them.

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