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16.07.2012 General News

Stop these articulator trucks-Law Enforcement Agencies!

By Gifty Quaye/XFM95.1
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No single day goes by without seeing articulator trucks on our streets at top speed sharing our narrow roads with commercial/ private cars as well as pedestrians.

Articulator trucks have now become a menace on our roads and lives as we virtually come across them everywhere. My heart always skips a beat when they pass by as I stand by the roadside. I begin to reflect on the number of victims they have and are claiming everyday on our roads and fear grips me.

This problem has been in existence for years and it seems the law barring the movement of articulator trucks at night needs more re-enforcement as these trucks mostly move out at night,especially Friday nights.

I wonder whether these articulator drivers see pedestrians on the road while driving or feel more important driving those heavy duty cars to notice those of us down there. Also, considering the fact that most of our roads are in bad conditions,they must be careful when and how they drive.

Another thing that bothers me is that some of these trucks are parked by the roadside due to faults. Why should this be and why should these trucks be on the roadside for days and even weeks before being moved? These trucks blocks our view as pedestrians from seeing on-coming vehicles thereby making us prey to accidents.

It is a fact that most articulator trucks carry goods, so you can imagine what will be left of you when an articulator full of goods falls on you while trying to dodge a pothole? Think of all the lives that have been lost to bad roads and articulator trucks and you will realize that this is a BIG issue.

How I wish those trucks could have roads land-marked for them so we won't have to share roads with these heavy duty cars but for now, I know that will only be an ideal situation in the current state in which we are paying all these judgement debts, hmmmn............. Ghana, when shall we?

Now to the law enforcing agencies, please re-enforce this ban because these trucks move out mostly in the night and drive on the roads as if they are the only ones entitled to the roads or the only ones visible on it.

Although it seems to me that law enforcement agencies do not care or are busy with other equally important responsibilities, they should bear in mind that they have a duty to protect our lives from 'law breakers' and that is why they are called law enforcement agencies.

Who knows, the next victim of an articulator run-over may be a family or loved one or even YOU! so please enforce this law to the maximum to ensure our roads and lives are preserved.

Source: Gifty Quaye/XFM95.1/ Ghana/Accra

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