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6 July 2012 | Diaspora (USA)

3G Media Endorses Ghanafest 2012, Let's Celebrate Africa in Chicago

3G Media
3G Media Endorses Ghanafest 2012, Let's Celebrate Africa in Chicago

Watch the slideshow for the Ghanafest 2011, Go to this link

The historical date not to be missed is Saturday, July 28th, 2012. Mark it in your calendar

3G Media Inc, your major source of information for any story within the Ghanaian/African community in America and a media partner of Ghanafest is proud to be a part of the 2012 celebration. 3G is collaborating with Ghanaweb and African Spectrum Newspaper to celebrate Ghana in Chicago.

Ghanafest is undeniably the biggest Ghanaian summer outdoor event in the USA. This event displays the Ghanaian culture to the fullest. It is a day full of fun, food and dance for the African and American community. It affords the opportunity for people to reconnect with friends, former classmates and colleagues. If you want to be in and see all about Ghana, COME TO GHANAFEST 2012.

Ghanafest is proud to involve the youth, the next generation to learn the Ghanaian traditions/culture and passing it on. It is an opportunity for Ghanaian/African children born in America to celebrate the traditions/culture of their forefathers. Their forefathers came to America with their traditions/cultures, they passed it from one generation to the next. The next generation is learning the traditions/cultures and feel proud to promote them.

Many years ago, some of these children somehow found it difficult to even wear any design promoting Ghana and Africa. Thank God that through such informative events, the younger generation is getting involved. The children feel proud to promote the culture of their parents and are proud to share it with their friends.

Ghanafest involves various high profile personalities, celebrities and government officials. 3G is proud to have supported Ghanafest since its inception as one of the official media partners. Past dignitaries who have graced this event include; Former President; J.J. Rawlings, Louis Farrakhan, Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom and Former Mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley.

Ghanafest, the brain child of the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago has come a long way and with the help of past Presidents including Reuben Hadize and currently President John Assabill-Henry at the helm of affairs.

Governor Pat Quinn is the scheduled guest speaker and current Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel. He was formerly White House Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama.

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