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Ghanaians in UK Are Not Delighted With Mills / Mahama Government.

3 July 2012 | Politics

LONDON UK - The Ghanaian residents in London set the power house of Prez J.E.A Mills on fire by embarking on a mammoth demonstration in London on Friday 29th June, in and around the premises of the Ghana High Commission – UK, the Consular Section, 104 Highgate Hill, London N6 5HE, where passport and visa applications are processed. Information gathered by the Sources Radio indicated that prior to the day, the Ghana High Commissioner instructed workers at the offices of the high commission not to attend work due to the planned demonstration published on Ghanaian websites and publicised on many radio stations to avoid any unfortunate incidence during the demonstration, leaving about five officers in the premises.

The demonstration which started at 10am with all vigour, chanting and drumming, blocked all entrances to the high commission, even in a short mild rain fall, the demonstrators continued until the High Commissioner H.E. Prof, Kwaku Danso-Boafo had to stop whatever he was doing and drove his BM car in a hurry without his driver from his office at 13-Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PN, comprehending the embarrassments being caused by the demonstrators to the Highgate Hill.

When he arrived at about 12:15pm, the demonstrators increased their chanting and drumming and eventually submitted a formal petition to the High Commissioner, H.E Prof. Kwaku Danso-Boafo on behalf of the President of Ghana. Though the High Commissioner confirmed that a similar petition has been presented to him earlier by delegation of the demonstrators in his office but His Excellency deemed it advisable for him to personality meet with the Ghanaians who were genuinely expressing their concerns about something they feel unhappy with.

One of the organisers Mr Peter Antwi Boasiako and many of the demonstrators were felicitous with the way the High Commissioner received the petition and spoke with them. Others were though cheerless since the officers in the building refused to allow the radio reporters connect power from the premises for their live broadcasting. Some of these reporters had to pay to be able to connect power from the neighbours, yet the High Commissioner ended up using the same microphones to speak to the crowd/demonstrators after receiving the petition.

Below is the full text of the petition presented by the demonstrators to the Ghana High Commissioner.

29th June, 2012.

Ghana High Commission
13 Belgrave Square,
London SW1X 8PN

ATTENTION: H.E. Prof. Kwaku Danso-Boafo

Dear Sir,


We the Young Patriots and the entire Ghanaian community in UK are taking this opportunity to express our frustration, disappointment and disgust concerning the recent happenings in Ghana under the present government. We have been dumbfounded ever since it became public that over GHC600 million has been paid in the name of judgment debts to people and organisations who have done no work whatsoever for the country. The Economic and Organised Crime Office after President Mills' instruction has confirmed with a report that one Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome defrauded the nation a tune of GHC51,000,000 and the UK construction company CP has also been given over €94,000,000 as confirmed by the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee.

Ghana, our country is known internationally as a pinnacle in the fight for freedoms and the citadel of democracy in the sub-Saharan Africa. With this posture, most countries have been working so hard to emulate these shining examples of Ghana. Unfortunately this beauty is being destroyed by the recent high level of state sponsored unprecedented corruption under purview of a Law Professor President J.E.A. Mills.

Ghanaian residents here in United Kingdom and Diasporas have serious misgivings about the Mills/Mahama government's lack of alacrity and commitment to retrieving the gargantuan money their administration has intentionally and unlawfully paid out to some unscrupulous people in Ghana without any justifications.

We Ghanaian residents in the UK are hereby today petitioning your good offices to impress upon the government to retrieve these sums doled out illegally through the conscienceless officials to these people and organisations without any regards to morality.

We, Ghanaians in UK are respectively demanding the following actions to be effected in the on-going corruption cases and trials.

1. Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice Hon. Martin Amidu should be invited as quickly as possible as a prosecution witness in the Alfred Agbesi Woyome's case due to his knowledge and facts he has on the case.

2. With immediate effect, the President should dismiss the following people for their conspiracy and failing to protect our finance and defend the state in court after their deliberations with Alfred Agbesi Woyome. These unprincipled government officials are Dr. Kwabena Duffour, Minister of Finance & Economic Planning, Mr. Barton Oduro, Deputy Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Valerie Sackey and Alex Segbefia both deputies Chief of Staff,

3. We are urging President Mills as a matter of urgency to compel the Attorney General to prosecute Mrs Betty Mould Iddrisu, Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice for her negligence and lack of due diligence; her deputy Hon. Barton Oduro for his will not to defend the case in court; Dr. Kwabena Duffour Minister of Finance & Economic Planning, for his failure to obey the President's directives not to pay the money to Mr Alfred Woyome; Mr Neequaye Tetteh Former Chief State Attorney and his spouse for their involvement in this gargantuan crime committed against the nation


4. For the sake of public confidence in Alfred Woyome's case, the President should publish and prosecute the names Hon. Martin Amidu sent to him on 6th January 2012 about their involvement in the Woyome gate scandal.

We strongly believe that the retrieval of these monies can be used for infrastructural developments across the length and breadth of the country. The failure to adhere to these demands will compel us to petition governments of the international community to exert pressure on the Mills / Mahama government to retrieve the money from these nation wreckers to the people of Ghana.

Thank you for the attention and co-operation to exert pressure on government.

Pp: On behalf of the Young Patriots - UK branch
Email: [email protected]

BBC Radio & TV

Nana Sarkodee
Sources Radio UK 96.3 FM
[email protected]
Tel: 07950318943

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