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1 July 2012 | Feature Article

Will Civil Uprising stop Ghanaian Leaders from continually taking the Ghanaian masses for Fools?

For how long will our political and traditional leaders take us for fools, I pause for an answer. The selfishness, insatiable greediness, lack of farsightedness and vain-gloriousness of most of the Ghanaian leaders both political and traditional, has grounded the wheels of economic progress in Ghana. In the wake of their ridiculous near-inherent attitudes as listed above, Ghanaians are suffering untold economic hardships and abject poverty.

The Ghanaian leaders once appointed to occupy positions of responsibility, begin to lord it over the citizens or the subjects. They begin to see the very people whose sweat and toil made them what they are today as complete fools who are devoid of any thinking capacity and worth not interacting with let alone, entertaining their submissions on issues of national or local concern.

The above description about our leaders is exactly what is going on in Ghana within President Mills NDC government. The arrogant exposure of most of his government appointees especially, Deputy Ministers with Johnson Asiedu Nketiah – NDC party General Secretary inclusive, confirms my assertion. These persons with many others in government and in the NDC party are availing themselves of the managerial weakness and probably bad health of President Mills to make unprecedented wealth through foul means – judgment debt payments, 10% kickbacks from contracts they award etc. They abuse their position; disrespect the governed and the laws of the land with impunity. By their repulsively stinking actions, they impoverish the nation and the citizens, exactly what we are observing in Ghana today under President Mills NDC administration.

Some of our visionless traditional leaders, who share the view of the corruptible ideals of the political leaders as spelt out above, are aiding the Chinese to ruin our farmlands and water bodies. Daily information reaching those of us in Diaspora indicates how the Chinese who are roaming our villages prospecting for gold through “galamsey” (surface mining) are harming our ecosystem. They are disregarding our laws though foreigners as they are. They are digging dangerous pits everywhere in search of gold. We hear about some villagers falling into some of these pits and dying. What are the government and the local leaders doing about them? Nothing!

Look at what is happening in Kyebi in the Eastern Region where some worried royals have taken on the paramount chief with all the announced attendant hullabaloos. At times we need to rise up to tell our leaders both political and traditional, that enough is enough with their nonsensical mindset that sees the governed or the subjects as fools worthy of taking for a tortuous rough ride.

The Chinese and all other foreigners in Ghana who have no regard for the laws of the land until now must please refrain from such attitudes as there is a time for everything. We as concerned Ghanaians cannot allow them to continue in that lawless attitude forever. Our leniency and Ghanaian hospitality should not be taken for our weakness. Chinese will never ever allow any African in their country to flout their laws much as they are doing in Ghana without jailing or subjecting the perpetrator to a close range firing squad; pumping bullets into their head with the executioner standing not more than a metre away from behind the culprit.

Our leaders should manage our internally generated resources profitably. They should cease all acts of official corruption. They should ensure our laws work efficiently without any discrimination. Why do our Law court judges sentence somebody who steals a sheep, fowl or plantain to imprisonment ranging from two to ten years when those stealing millions of Cedis and committing other atrocious crimes e.g. armed robbery go scot free? This is not only unfair but nonsense to me. It is an abuse of power. It is technically and morally unjustified.

The Chinese will not see doing illegal galamsey as an extension of the benefits to enjoy if, and only if, our leaders will stop going to their government with a basket in hand prostrating to them for loans every now and then. The loans are not grants so we should not close our eyes to any acts of lawlessness on their part. They should not be allowed to take any undue advantage of us because they give us loans which, are but immediately embezzled by those in government as it is the case under President Mills NDC government.

I have a dream that one day, the oppressed will rise up to liberate themselves through an unprecedented civil uprising should our leaders continue to take Ghanaians for fools as it is evident in Ghana under President Mills and our traditional leaders. I advise our leaders to read the changing signs of the seasons as they are blowing stridently across the world, especially, in the Arab world. For more information, refer to my article published on Ghanaweb and on Tuesday, 26thJune 2012 titled “Should we obligatorily Respect the Elderly and our Elders even if.........”

Rockson Adofo

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