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28 June 2012 | Feature Article

Is Your Mind Full of Doubts and Thoughts ?

Is Your Mind Full of Doubts and Thoughts ?

It is always like that isn't it? Isn't it normal to have an active mind?

Yes, it is normal. It is also beautiful when you point your mind towards God and get a glimpse of Him within your heart.Unbelievers are resisting getting a glimpse of who He is within their hearts. Those who want to stay away from God because of their sins never get a glimpse unless they turn away and begin to get their sight of who He is within their hearts. He is within every living cell, within every molecule, within every electron, throughout all creation. He is Omnipresent for all if you do what is right.Acts 10:34-35 says 'God does not show favouritism,but accepts men from every nation who fear him and do what is right.

There are deceptive forces at work in the world that would have people lose their faith in God. They are on earth trying to deceive people into believing in other gods, other beings and other forms of life as if these were all the one true God.There is only the one true God, the one true Jesus Christ, and the one true Holy Spirit worshiped in spirit and in truth, nothing else. Too many people today are connecting things, places,circumstances and people with worship. You can reach God from within yourself only in spirit and in truth not the use of exterior, physical, or material things to connect to Him if not only for reminders. Nothing or nobody gets what God alone deserves.Exodus 20:3-4, 'You shall not have no other gods before me.You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or the waters below'.

Sometimes people feel they cannot get a sense of God's presence when suffering comes in. This is where faith must be strong. Faith in suffering means that even when you do not sense God is near you, stay focused and stay turned to His direction,pray and He will certainly see you through.

Circumstances must unfold in certain ways and in certain formations. The unfolding of circumstances depends upon mysteries that must remain hidden. Many things must remain hidden because the opposing force, the force of darkness would use these unfolding circumstances against God's will which will be done on earth and in heaven, but certain things must happen in certain ways and times for His will to reach its fulfillment.

This matter is I know is like a puzzle and only God knows how the pieces fit together. Each person on the earth is so important because he/she plays a part in getting the puzzle put together and making it work. The whole puzzle is about glorification. If each person on the Earth would make every effort to glorify God's name, all of creation would change. However, that day will not happen until many other things have unfolded. Prayer and faith.

In faith, we must know that our faith in God makes such a dramatic difference in all of the forms of creation He has made. A prayer is not necessarily the words but the possession of God within your heart through Christ Jesus.Romans 8:26 says ' In the same way ,the Spirit helps us in our weakness,We do not know what we ought to pray for but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express'.Everyone who prays is so vital to helping Him do His work and so vital to the servants who do His work. Every prayer is heard, every prayer is received by God, and every prayer is a blessing not only to God but also to the person.Amen

Be dead in sin,alive in Christ and a slave to righteousness.God bless you for reading

quot-img-1"Not all readers become leaders but all leaders must be readers"-Harry S Truman

By: Nana Adjoa Boahemaa quot-img-1