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28 June 2012 | Business & Finance

MTN Business Launches Inter-com Service for Organisations

MTN Business Launches Inter-com Service for Organisations

MTN Business has launched a service that provides office extension lines for inter-communications within organizations nationwide.

The new service is dubbed “MTN Hosted Private Branch Exchange” (MTN Hosted- PBX), also known as PABX- Private Automated Branch Exchange.

A statement from MTN said this new service has state-of-the-art features such as three-party conferencing, call center, and so much more.

“Organisations can now have the opportunity to focus on their core business while MTN manages its extension lines for its employees without having to invest in full blown PBX infrastructure,” the statement said.

It said the PBX system would be hosted in the MTN Data Centre and enterprises could access the full functionality through the MTN network infrastructure, adding that customers needed compatible desk phones to access the service and would therefore spend significantly less on phone systems.

The General Manager in charge of MTN Business, Mr. Eric Nsarkoh was quoted as saying: “With MTN Hosted PBX, businesses no longer need to worry about the significant cost of managing and maintaining in-house communications systems. They can focus on their core business and MTN will deliver the needed communications solutions. With state-of-the-art features, this solution gives businesses greater power and productivity.”

The PBX technology is based on a scaled down version of the Public Telephony Switch technology with extra features built in for organizations.

It has other functions such as call transfer, call forwarding, call waiting, call conferencing, 3-way calling, speed-dial and caller identification - it also has advanced calling features such as ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) for call centers, integrated auto attendant, virtual receptionist, intelligent call routing and call queue management.

“With MTN hosted PBX system, customers have the flexibility of expanding to add on more features and the number of extension lines as required. The MTN Hosted PBX system attracts rental charges which are typically monthly subscriptions,” the statement said.

Story by Adom News/Ghana

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