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26.06.2012 Politics

Binduri calls for District Headquarters

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Accra, June 26, GNA – The Binduri District Youth Association in Accra has cautioned Government and other stakeholders to heed the legislative instrument which endorses that Binduri should hold the principal offices of the assembly.

The Association expressed disapproval over the siting of the district capital in Bazua instead of Binduri and accused some government officials as being the brains behind the change.

At a press conference on Tuesday in Accra, members of the Association expressed their displeasure about the move and said they would resist any attempt to take the district capital away from Binduri.

Mr Abugri D. Musa, Secretary of the Accra – Kusasi Youth association stated that Binduri constituency had received welcoming news of approval from Parliament to be elevated to a district to climax their tireless efforts by various groups from within the constituency.

However, moves by a group of people from the Bazua area suggested that the principal area for the transaction of official business of the new district should be at Bazua rather than Binduri.

Mr Musa said that they believed there were under hand dealings of some people who were responsible for overseeing the successful take-off of the new district.

They accused the Upper East Regional Minister, Mr Mark Woyongo and his deputy, Mrs Lucy Awini, as being responsible for the said change to illegally take the district capital from Binduri to Bazua.

He said the press conference sought to draw the attention of the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development and the Presidency to call to order all the people who were directly and indirectly seeking to breach the L.I and blatantly disregard the constitution of the land so as to prevent any violence in the new district.

According to him, unlike Bazua, Binduri was in the centre of the area surrounded by 26 communities with infrastructure such as electricity, water, health facility, schools, irrigation, and agricultural station, mosque and church befitting a district headquarters.

He said Binduri had vast available lands lying fallow that could be used for development projects saying Binduri had lived in peace for so many years without conflict and did not want to witness any conflict situation due to the ongoing development.

Mr Moses Ali Samuel, Member of the association noted that following attempts to carry out an illegality, the citizens of Binduri and surrounding communities petitioned the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD)on two occasions throwing light on why Binduri which was named as district capital be adhered to.

He said there were as many as 35 communities listed that were pro-Binduri for the capital as opposed to seven that were seemingly pro-Bazua.

He said they were awaiting Government's response to the petitions presented earlier but would use any and every means possible within the ambits of the law to ensure that their rights were not trampled upon with impunity.

He said all that the people of Binduri wanted was for justice to prevail and were hopeful Government would heed to their request.


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