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25.06.2012 General News

Clergyman urges leaders to willingly leave office after their tenure

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Accra, June 25, GNA - Reverend Felix Mensah Agbo, Accra Presbytery Chairman of Global Evangelical (GEC) Church, has appealed to leaders to willingly leave office at the end of their tenure of office to ensure peace, stability and progress.

He said, “As leaders, we should understand that our service in specific roles elapses after a period of time. It is no possession and for that matter we must be ready for changes as with actors in a theatre where one finishes his act and exists for others to have their turn”.

Rev Agbo made the appeal at a leadership seminar on the theme: “Calling” organised by GEC for its pastors, catechists, presbyters, presbyters-elect, evangelists, group and ministry leaders at the Adonai Chapel at Madina in Accra.

The seminar was to help educate leaders of the church and inspire them to make lasting impact in whatever area of calling they find themselves, bearing in mind their duty to disciple or nurture others to lead.

The participants were taken through the concept of Calling (vocation), the five views of Calling in relation to totality of one's work, the two distinct uses of Calling in biblical studies and how to respond to God's call.

He said leadership was important in the body of Christ because the church like any secular organisation would succeed or fail depending on the kind of leadership in place.

Rev Agbo noted that there was the need to emphasize leadership training at all levels, adding “Although the Holy Spirit is to guide us, that cannot be a substitute for training. Throwing away 'training' will spell the doom of the Church”.

The Presbytery Chairman said leaders must understand that their Calling and added that if only members of the church would understand, in-fighting and lobbying for positions would cease.

"Leadership is dynamic and we must continue to learn and teach," he added.

Rev. M.D. Agudogo, Accra Presbytery Clerk, reminded the leaders of their important duties to prepare their hearts to study the God's word, adding “Leaders must be knowledgeable about their Calling and always ahead of their followers since they cannot not give what they do not have”.

He said leaders must be servants of the word of God, and had to walk the word by exhibiting what they preached and taught. He added that leaders must be encouraged to always impart knowledge through teaching and sharing of the Word of God.

The Accra Presbytery is demarcated into eight zones - Madina, Tema-Ashaiman, Teshie/Nungua, Mamprobi, Tesano, Amasaman, Kotobabi and Kosoa with over 60 congregations.


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