What do you think about zeebra stripes?

Does contrast cause confusion or offer better clarity? The popular belief or the acceptance is that contrast always gives clarity. The contrast adds 'separateness' to the object from its background. When we write with black pen on white paper or vice versa, the letters will be legible and clear than writing with any other colour. Many corporate bosses do admire and appreciate sharing of the corporate result to the top management with contrast (clarity).

When we present two separate informations and when both assume importance, both the information has to be shown clearly and separately. But it is not totally true that contrast always add clarity. At times, contrast does cause confusion and that is what the biology is conveying to us. By being very clear and with absolute contrast, one can actually win. The enemy can be defeated or fooled.

Contrast adds value only when it is in a static state and when it is in a state of motion, the same contrast cause confusion. It is only the state of the object or the mind, read the result differently.

Look at the black and white stripes of zebra. How much contrast the combination of both black and white coloured stripes create on the body surface of a zebra. One can argue that the zebra can be easily spotted by the predators as it has very prominent black and white stripes throughout its body surface. Even from a distance, the stripes can be seen well. But the above notion is not true scientifically. When the zebra is running, the stripes of the zebra, instead of easily exposing them to the predator, cause confusion to them. In such confusion, lion will find it difficult to spot a single animal to isolate and hut.

The contrast is obvious and uniform across all animals in the heard. When animals move, the contrast will not be clear to the predator as they are obvious and uniform.

What is clear and obvious can also cause confusion and failure as well. This distinction should be understood both by the subordinate and the boss in the corporate. When the subordinate go to the boss with absolute clarity and understanding, only the boss and not the subordinate will get confused. When the subordinate is too clear to the boss, the boss has no choice but to respect the subordinate.

Be it in your project plan or result or in your effort or in other issues, if you present them with least confusion or in other words, with great contrast, you can win as your clarity can cause confusion to your boss or people around you. No boss ever will love to have subordinates who are very smart and clear.

Zebra crossings on the road always warn people to drive the vehicle carefully as people may be using the zebra crossing to cross over the road. Similarly, if people deal their life with contrast or with 'black and white' approach, they can remain successful. People around them will be very careful to them.

None want any one to be clear in the corporate except them. Remember, if you bring contrast in your communication, you can will over people whether you are a boss or subordinate.

Ref: Management Book – Jungle wisdom for corporate management – lessons from university of nature by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan

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