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24 June 2012 | Feature Article

Is Your Suffering and Pain Separating You From God?

Is Your Suffering and Pain Separating You From God?

Then look within. God cannot be found in form but only in substance. Look into your heart, for that is where God lives,not in churches or temples. People can find God in songs, in books, in stories, in people, even in the worst places on earth, because He lives in every human being. Some people are full of hate, anger, bitterness, pain, venom and will deny God is within them.And will not exert themselves against the pain or chaos of life. God is always with us-Matthew 1:23 . We cannot be separated, except by Satan or your affilliation with Satan. When you are not turned towards God, you are turned towards Satan. It is an illusion that you and God are separated when in pain. It is a deception put on you by the great deceiver. God is always within you and knows your pain, know your potential, know all of your ,all of your present and all of your future.

How can your pain be an illusion when is real?
Yes, God knows the pain is real. What is illusory is that you are separated. A lot at times people would say 'Oh God where are you'. We are not separated when we are in pain, in grief, or in torment. It may seem like we are separated from God. It may seem like He is not there. It may seem like He is dead. Through the death and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ,the Bible says 'And surely I am with you always,to the very end of the age'. God will not lose one sheep from His flock . We are not separated.

As you make these extra efforts to find God from within the pain, chaos and darkness of your life, you are piling up points on the scoreboard. You are winning the game even if you cannot see the score right now. Don't be fooled. Don't be misled. The pain in life is much like a game or contest. It's a test and you are being contested. Your faith is being tested by Satan who wants your faith, and your physical human body dead. This game is a game of eternal life or death. It is literally that serious a matter. Staying together, keeping in contact with each other, communicating every day with each other in the word and in prayer will win us the game. And how much do we want the contest to end? The game will be over when the buzzer sounds. Only God knows when that time will come and it is not for you to know or for you to find out. The ultimate victory in life is your doing battle against the darkness by being with God, on His side, and living with Him in your heart.

By necessity, He is a small quiet voice within you. To hear His voice in the darkness that surrounds you requires that you cast aside all of yourself. Cast aside your pain, frustration, doubt, anxiety, and any other garbage that is hanging around your neck. Yes, I know what we are thinking,we cannot just "cast aside" the garbage. We cannot make every problem disappear. What I am saying is that no problem can separate us from God if we want to be with Him. No problem has that power. There may be moments when it seems you and God are not together. There are events and places in the world that appear to be totally Godless but He is there . But there is assurance for all true believers as the Bibles says in Revelations 22:7,'Behold I am coming soon!Blessed is he who keeps the the words of the prophecy.

There is a point at which God will take no more. There is a point, you might call it a breaking point, where He will take no more of Satan, no more evil, no more apostasy, no more sin, no more rebellion, no more darkness, no more of this willful madness against God. At that point, He will cover His flock and His wrath will be poured out. The high and the mighty will be shown to be the weaklings they are. The most high will be made the most low. The time is coming soon. Yes, just like there are signs and warnings when something is about to happen but peope ignore them.They choose to buy into Satan's lie to mankind,'oh well,don't worry, enjoy yourself,life is short,live life to the fullest afterall its just a myth',rejecting the truth and wisdom in the word of God. Only a few read the signs for what they are and majority do not care.An example is even this message from God ,He directed me to write,only few will read and majority will ignore but if its about gossip,politics or immorality,all will notice the number that will patronize such topics.Thats how much Satan has been busy. God is love and wants all His human creation to have eternal life.Ephesians 4:18 reads,'They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts'.Do not harden your heart to the word of God .

We must be Devout, Pray, Worship, Work for God and Live for God. Do as much as you can for God. Be Alive in Christ, be Dead in sin as I always say, and become steeped in immoral things. Even when you are hurt or in pain, think of God and think of how important it is for you and God to win this battle. Make it a point every day to be immersed in His love no matter how great the pain might be.

Glory be to God,Amen.

quot-img-1'FOOLS have TRIED and WISE men have FAILED'...Bob Marley

By: Awuradebasa quot-img-1