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FRSC: Another Misplaced Priority From Aso Rock (Part 3) - Global Reporters Vienna

FRSC: Another Misplaced Priority From Aso Rock (Part 3) - Global Reporters Vienna
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... He was and he is still an insider in Nigerian security issues because once a soldier they say is always a soldier. Here are security agents that have not been able to track kidnappers that have been terrorizing the entire nation with the easiest technology, phone, that can be tracked by an ordinary apprentice in China as their means of communication telling one that they will track a plate number of a car if need be. What would be the difference in tracking a plate number of a car and tracking a mobile phone that kidnappers use in negotiating how their millions are brought to them or paid into their accounts before they can release their captives? Please, educate me here. To buttress in nutshell that there is more to this digitalised plate number issue than it seems, an arrested self-confessed spokesman of Boko Haram Ali Sanda Umar Konduga mentioned Mohammed Ali Ndume a lawmaker representing Borno South Senatorial District as one of their major sponsors and in self-defence the Honourable said that the vice president of Nigeria His Excellency Namadi Sambo was aware of his contact and romance with the dreaded sect and surprisingly the president was not informed of such classified information. It is very simple to find out the truth because the man might be guilty as some people have pronounced or might be innocent as he claimed. Be it as it may, if our security agents are up and doing they should take the telephone of the Honourable and extract all the information in it and the truth will expose itself. And as long as these supposed to be security agents do not have an answer to this simple arithmetic in the computer world as my friend put it, this wild goose chase in the name of digitalised plate numbers is nothing but a policy in futility.

Assuming that we have the wherewithal to get information from digitalised plate numbers as targeted, but the honest truth is that for the practical efficiency of this policy to be realistically and reasonably satisfying, the federal government of Nigeria must sincerely make sure that every Nigerian is documented. It should equally be compulsory that everybody living in Nigeria must have a document with him/her at anytime with a security number stating where the person lives just in case there should be a police control on the street and the landlord/landlady or the owner of the flat where the person lives must sign the document showing that that person actually is living there. Additionally all the houses in Nigeria must be registered and their owners known by the authority for security purposes, while new houses should not be built without the approval of the government no matter where. Anybody without this identification document should be treated like a common criminal. A visitor visiting Nigeria should have a grace of two working days to obtain this identification document or else the person should be seen as a security risk and treated as such. If this simple measure could be adopted the fundamental Nigerian security issues would have been solved and by extension it will help in the economic planning of the nation amongst other things. Furthermore and importantly too, “Oluwale” which is capable of producing any fake document in this world must first cease to function in Nigeria under any guise. While culprits to this crime should be made to face strenuous punishments, substantial efforts should be made to tighten our borders. Vitally too, telephone hotlines should be provided in every local government for citizens to give information regarding suspicious movements or strange happenings and in return the security agents should be under obligation to protect the identity of any caller and must respond to every call as quickly as the caller drops. In doing this everybody would be actively participating as a security agent. If this is not done, Al-Qaeda will continue to use Nigeria as a training base and you can never hold real grip of it. Until these sound views and other vital measures are incorporated, harmonised and adopted, those in government that took this decision as a security measure have done nothing special than their usual nepotism of swelling the tummy of their political cohorts through kickback contracts because it is already a failure.

Furthermore, we must conceive and sincerely implement a realistic policy that will help us to quickly identify any 'area boy' or 'Agboro' as we call them and also sincerely try as much as the resources can permit to help them to a normal life for us to have security and peace because every country has got vagabonds. However, the difference between Nigeria and other countries is that they take good care of their vagrants with good rehabilitation policies for those of them that could still be rehabilitated while those that have made themselves idiots through drugs and alcohol are provided shelters and food every morning and evening for the safety of the patriotic citizens unlike our own uncivilized method of killing them secretly or imprisoning them that has not helped till now.

I plead with the federal government of Nigeria to rescind the short notice of August 2012 as deadline for old plate numbers to be in existence to August 2016 because that is what is obtainable internationally. In countries that care for their citizens, anytime a policy similar like this is introduced considerable enough time like 5 years is usually given to their citizens as deadline. During this time every new car must be registered under the new law of digitalised plate number.

What could be the reason behind this short notice? Because there are commotion creators that cannot survive in every Nigerian government unless many Nigerians are in pain, therefore, the short notice to change the old plate numbers in my calculation is for them to create enough confusion for their fast service for fast money. But if the government decides to be insensitive to points raised about the extension, then they should make sure that there are enough centres and machines for the new plate numbers in every state and that their agents would not lie to Nigerians like it is in some states right now just to create unnecessary tension and dubiously hike the price through backyard service. The price to obtain the so-called new digitalised plate number most be considerably reduced.

I pray that some of these government cabals that have been impregnated with obesity tummies through corruption and bribery who are experts in creating pandemonium and chaos for their sustenance will see reasons with me and show mercies on Nigerians in their subsequent decisions.

Uzoma Ahamefule, a patriotic citizen writes from Vienna , Austria

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