Panafrique Travel Agent Managing Director in the UK on the run!

By Mercy Bolus

Thank goodness Ghanaians are now travelling to and from our home country with reputable travel agencies. It is about time too

We had a nasty experience with one Mrs Afia Ofosu- Gyeabour Yeboah who had a travel agency at the heart of Elephant and Castle, London called Panafrique Travel agent. To date I gather the office has now been closed for business.

The NDC administration paid money for the mishaps, which took place in April 2010. Panafrique only paid some customers and for others denied that the Government had paid any refund money. Well well, Afia may think she has done a runner however how far can she go.

I just warning anyone doing business with people like Afia to be very cautious because whatever they may say might not be your expectation. I struggle to believe that Afia operated a travel business in the UK without ATOL yet got tickets for her business from Ghana International Airlines. Did GIA actually do business with such a company?

My question is that will Ghana ever run its own Airlines again check this out.

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