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16 June 2012 | Christian Religion

Will God condemn His own creation to Hell?

Francis Oppong
Will God condemn His own creation to Hell?

A big question.
Actually, God don't condemn anyone to anywhere. Everyone writes their own ticket. Everyone gets on their own train to wherever they end up. God gives people opportunities to make choices. People choose where they want to go by the choices they make in their lives. What is disturbing is that people make the wrong choices knowing when they make the choice, that choice is wrong and then they think God will be understanding and let them slide by and alter their destination. Each of us carves our future in stone that cannot be erased except by repentance and coming to Christ for forgiveness. All the mistakes, all the wrongs, all the decisions made with a sinful heart can be erased when people come to the Cross and understand who Christ was and is and then they must repent and turn away from their sinful life.

So what is actually Sin then?
Sin is when people go their own way rather than God's way. Every person has their own mind, their own heart, and their own soul. When people turn away from God and do what Satan wants them to do then that is a sin. People are born with 2 ears. I am not talking about the physical ears, I am talking about spiritual ears. One spiritual ear is tuned to Satan's call. One spiritual ear is tuned to God's Call. People do make choices about who they want to listen to. The sinful nature of man is within the person from birth. Every person is born with selfishness in their heart and an ear to evil and darkness as well as an ear to God. Satan and God conflict within each person. There is truly a war for each person's soul. Some people are born and raised in total darkness and never hear God's voice yet they still have the spiritual ear to hear God.

Even after you come to Christ and repent, you still have that ear that can hear Satan. You must continually pray that you resist the cunning voice of Satan and listen only to God. What everyone must understand is that after you repent then Satan will still come after you. Accepting Christ into your life does not mean you no longer are deaf to Satan and temptation. Many people want to believe they are deaf to Satan after salvation but it is not true. What all must remember is that God is always speaking to you.

When a Christian commit sin lets all say for the first time,he feels so much guilt but then when he deosnt turn away and continue to sin more,then he no longer feels guilty and that can grow into perversion eg sexual immorality bcos we buy into so many sex lie in the modern world full of nudity and pornography easily assesible n even if ur not looking for it,its just around you.One cant just stop this sin of addiction easily by just cutting it off and tries so hard to stop.Its not about how hard you try.The only solution is to embrace the truth.And that truth is Jesus and the more we embrace or get closer to God ,the more we drift away from such sin and cling to Jesus.

Our lifestyle should glorify God.
Life is short n we shouldnt buy to the Devils lie that when we live it to the fullest,that is the end of it.Our souls will never die and will burn in eternal Hell fire if one is unrepentant of his or her sin before death.

I have been through the world persuing life dreams of worldly things and money n all sorts of immorality thinking they will give me the joy i need but i tell you all today that the joy God gives to those who live for His glory is oceans and oceans of pure joy,freedom and satisfaction within oneself and above all eternal life in Christ Jesus.Its just an unbelievable feeling all mankind should experience and God's promise will forever be trustworthy.Amen

Pls read Ephesians 2 :8-10 ,Ephesians 6 :10-14 ,1 Peter 5 :8-10. Pls make time for God n pray and it shall be well with you all the days of your life.

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By: FRANCIS TAWIAH(Duisb quot-img-1