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12.06.2012 Politics

Atta Mills Is Old Lady Pancake'

By Daily Guide
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NEW PATRIOTIC Party (NPP) Communications Director in the Greater Accra region, Michael Kwabena Ampong has likened the President to 'old lady pancake,' the proverbial old woman who desperately tries to look young by wearing wigs and applying too much make up.

Consequently, he said the focus of the NPP campaign will be to expose President Mills who has disguised himself to be seen as upright, incorruptible and truthful yet underneath, his presidency is full of massive corruption and lies.

'We are going to pull off the wig, undo the make-up and completely strip him naked so that Ghanaians will now know   the president is indeed a wolf in sheep's clothing,' he said.

Mr. Ampong was speaking at Asuom in the Kade constituency of the Eastern region Friday where the town's youth met over some disturbances that took place when Nana Akufo-Addo visited the town.

The meeting was called by the youth to throw their support behind the incumbent MP, Ofosu Asamoah.

The communications director said if President Mills' rule had taken place in the '70s, there would have been 100 coups or coup attempts because there is so much corruption, cronyism, stealing and unfulfilled promises during his tenure which the soldiers at the time would not have tolerated.

He added that in three years under the Mills government, young government appointees who have never worked in their lives before have acquired so much wealth and wondered where they could have gotten all that money to buy those properties.

According to Ampong, when President Mills assumed office in 2009, he told the whole world Ghana was so broke yet in three years he could afford to pay GH¢450 million free of charge to companies and individuals as judgment debts.

'How can a President have a priority to pay judgment debts when the people of the country want development and improvement in their standard of living?' he queried.

He said President Mills does not have any vision and is only making knee-jerk decisions.

He said because of President Atta Mills, many Ghanaians have lost faith in politicians since their hopes were raised so high by then candidate Mills only to be badly disappointed.

Mr. Ampong therefore tasked the youth of the town to be armed with the accurate information and propagate the message to every house in the area that it is only the NPP that can save the country from this rot.

He asked them to also solidly stand behind Nana Akufo-Addo and the incumbent MP, Ofosu Asamoah to enable them win convincingly in the December general elections.

 From Thomas Fosu Jnr, Asuom

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